Mickey Ice Cream Bar Minnie Ears Are Deliciously Cute

Mickey Ice Cream Bar Minnie Ears

The Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar, has long been one of my favorite treats to get at the Disney Parks. There’s nothing like biting into a cool Mickey ice cream on a hot summer day. With summer here, these Mickey Ice Cream Bar Minnie Ears are the perfect accessory to rock our Disney Side with.

These scrumptiously cute ears are set to melt our hearts this week at Disneyland Resort, and will be available to scoop up at Walt Disney World Resort in July. Sparkling sequins coat these ears like the crisp chocolate on the Mickey ice cream bar, with a shimmer pink bow in the center for a pop of color. A bite is even taken out of one ear revealing the vanilla ice cream inside. This summer style treat is the perfect low calorie Disney treat for me!

With all of these gorgeously styled Minnie Ears lately, like these, the Rose Gold, and the Millennial Pink ones, I can’t even imagine what they might think of next! Maybe we’ll see more snack inspired ears in the future too.

I will definetly be scooping a pair of these Mickey Ice Cream Bar Minnie Ears up when they debut at the Disney Parks and Resorts this summer. What about you?

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