Meeting the Frozen Princesses at Disneyland

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A recent trip to Disneyland with my grand daughters included meeting the Frozen Princesses, Elsa and Anna.

To honor the Frozen princesses, Olaf has transformed the small greeting room off the side of the Village Haus Restaurant, next door to Pinocchio’s Daring Adventures into a comfy FROZEN spot.  A sign hanging from the building announces the location as the “Frozen Royal Reception”, while beautiful snow covers the surrounding rooftops.   And right there, above the door leading into the reception room is non other than Olaf himself.  After a quick lunch and even quicker vote, we decided it was worth the hour long wait and immediately secured our spot in line.

During our wait, as is our routine, we made friends with several other parents and kids.  My granddaughters became the official #FROZEN movie experts.  They shared their adventures about attending a special viewing at The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. The youngest informed everyone that she and her sister were just like the princesses and even had the dresses to prove it.  There was the usual debate about the favorite characters – Elsa and Olaf are tied for first with Anna a close second.   The bits and pieces of shared movie scenes turned into a full fledged movie review.  I made the comment about how great it would be to be able to ask the princesses a few questions.  The parents just as excited as their kids, asked non stop questions about FROZEN.   We even sang a few lines of some of the songs including our favorite “Let it Go”. My oldest granddaughter informed everyone that the special effects were “amazing” and not to worry because the movie had a happy ending.   The younger granddaughter eager to contribute told a parent to make sure to visit the Disney store and buy her daughter an Olaf stuffed animal before seeing the movie.   The Walt Disney Company would have been pleased to see these two little Disney ambassadors promoting the film and all the related FROZEN accessories available.

As we neared the front of the line, we became aware of Olaf’s antics on the roof top.   Olaf is the official greeter and will come alive and appear to engage guests in conversation. Whether complimenting someone on their attire, or asking to borrow their mickey crocs and realizing he has no feet to put them on (my oldest granddaughter’s favorite comment),  Olaf kept us busy and happily anticipating his next words.  The laughter and delight of the parents and kids over Olaf’s comments, made the hour wait fly by

Finally it was our turn to meet the princesses.Nikon Camera ready and girls holding hands we made our way inside to find the beautiful Elsa standing before us.   A bit star struck and speechless, the girls went up and gave Elsa a huge hug.   The oldest granddaughter shyly asked if she could ask a few questions.  Elsa knelt down and the interview began.

Granddaughter:  “Elsa, is it very hard to have such strong magical powers?”

Elsa; “It is a bit hard because as you see in the movie sometimes, my powers get me in trouble.”

Granddaughter:  “Do you ever get mad at your sister?”  “Mine sometimes bothers me.”

Elsa was saved from having to respond with Anna’s arrival as the girls rushed over to hug and greet Anna.  After a few more pictures, it was time to move on.  On our way out the door, my granddaughter asked one last question.  “Anna, did it hurt when Elsa froze your heart?”   Anna responded with the perfect Disney princess answer.   “A little bit, but Elsa’s love made me better.”

As we walked away, I thought about Anna’s answer and found myself saying Walt Disney realized it a long time ago – Love makes everything better.

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