Meet the Cast and Rescue Dogs of the ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Live-Action Remake Coming to Disney+

Meet the Cast and Rescue Dogs of the ‘Lady and the Tramp‘ Live-Action Remake Coming to Disney+. Though we are excited about the human cast, this one is also for the dogs! Many talented puppers will be included in the film, and one lucky dog was lucky enough to find their fur-ever home!

Check out the human and canine cast of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp (2019).

The voice of our lovely leading ‘Lady’ (get it) comes from the talented, Tessa Thompson. Her canine counterpart is portrayed by Rose, a lovable and talented Cocker Spaniel.

One of the cutest factors about the Lady and the Tramp remake is the use of real life rescue dog, Monte, who plays Tramp. Monte had a ruff life before finding stardom. According to, He was found by Halo Animal Rescue in a shelter in New Mexico, and was transferred by the rescue team to a non-kill shelter in Phoenix where he was adopted by his trainer, Mark Forbes. Justin Theroux will be voicing the trouble-finding pup and is an animal lover himself. He has a rescue dog of his own named Kuma, who is a beautiful pit bull that he loves dearly! If you don’t believe me, you need to check out his Instagram, @justintheroux. The whole page is riddled with photos of Kuma and other animals.

Sam Elliot offers his voice as Trusty the Bloodhound. Trusty is best friends with Jock, the Scottish Terrier, and Lady’s neighbor.

Janelle Monáe will play the musically inclined Peg. This pup will perform the classic “He’s a Tramp” in a re-imagined blues style. Monáe will also be singing another song for the film and helping to revamp the soundtrack for the film, including a new version of the controversial “The Siamese Cat Song”.

Ashley Jensen will play Scottish Terrier, Jock, in a gender-bent version of the character. There is also rumors that the characters name will be “Jackie” but may be called Jock for short. Jensen’s accent will help bring this spit-fire pooch to life.

Fellow Marvel alum, Benedict Wong will be joining Tessa Thompson in Lady and the Tramp as Bull the Bull Dog.

Lady and the Tramp will be the first live-action remake feature-length film that will premiere on Disney+, paving the way for the exclusive content that will be available via the new streaming service. We give this casting two paws up and can’t wait to see Lady and the Tramp on Disney+.

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Photo Credit: People/K.C. Bailey/Disney/Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

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