Meet The Cast of Disney / Pixar’s Inside Out!

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Disney Pixar Studios brought together the cast from their upcoming new movie “Inside Out” for a hysterical hour of questions, answers and comments.

Phyllis Smith (Sadness), Bill Hader (Fear), Amy Poehler (Joy), Lewis Black (Anger) and Mindy Kaling (Disgust) walked into the conference room and immediately had the audience laughing.

The first question asked was the casts’ reaction when they read the screenplay.  Phyllis was excited, while Bill, who is a huge fan was offered the part of Fear after taking a tour of Pixar.  Amy felt the film was going to be the best Pixar movie after seeing the power point presentation idea and Lewis joked about being the first one cast which is why everyone else wanted to be a part of the movie.    Mindy added that the experience of working with Pixar is like dating a guy who is has the looks and title and doesn’t realize it and she said she immediately said “I’m in”.

Asked if the cast could relate to the emotion they voiced, Mindy talked about the character having a lot of qualities of an impatient, judgmental adolescent girl and her role of Disgust allowed Mindy to say things she would say on a really bad day.  For Lewis Black, Anger was perfect, as he grew up in a family that expressed love through arguing.   Amy felt the energy and bossiness of Joy was something she could pull off, while Bill called himself a big whimp which made him, Fear.  As for Phyllis, with a sad look on her face, she said she was a mess and real sad sack that sat around the house and moped.   Phyllis then went on to say that she felt Pete Docter was able to see  her insecurities and bring them forward, in my opinion into the ideal casting,

An interesting response by all to the question of which other emotion would they play, resulted in Anger being the most popular choice with Disgust a close second.   The cast felt that playing Anger would be fun.  Amy Poehler wondered why no one chose Joy.

My favorite question was how would one describe Inside Out as a classic film that must be seen to kids.  Bill Hader had the perfect response saying what makes it great for him is that it is a film about a time in our lives we all have to go through – from youth to adolescence.  “Things start to change and things start to get a little hard.  A lot of normal movies don’t talk about that”

On a personal note, I have to agree that most movies don’t talk about that period of our lives, but Inside Out not only talks about it but gives us what I think is the most important view of the changes – from the INSIDE OUT.

Meeting the voices behind the characters moved the film even higher on my list of all time Disney / Pixar favorites.   Don’t miss INSIDE OUT in theatres, Friday, June 19, 2015. One of the best Disney / Pixar Movies!

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Meet The Cast of Disney / Pixar's Inside Out!

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Meet The Cast of Disney / Pixar's Inside Out! Meet The Cast of Disney / Pixar's Inside Out! Meet The Cast of Disney / Pixar's Inside Out! Meet The Cast of Disney / Pixar's Inside Out! Meet The Cast of Disney / Pixar's Inside Out! Meet The Cast of Disney / Pixar's Inside Out!
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