Marvel’s ‘Loki’ Disney+ Series Could Be Featuring Loki as Gender Fluid and Bisexual

Marvel’s ‘Loki‘ Disney+ Series Could Be Featuring Loki as Gender Fluid and Bisexual. Loki is well known both in Marvel Comics and in Norse Mythology as a shapeshifter who can alter his image and sex when needed, with many accounts of him transforming into animals as well. Remember Thor’s reenactment of the snake prank in Thor: Ragnarok? Hehe, classic Loki.

Marvel Studios has not shied away from featuring Loki’s abilities in the MCU, but it seems they will be a more pivotal storytelling tool in how he is presented in the new Disney+ Series, Loki. Being a time traveling fugitive after the events of Avengers: Endgame may also have something to do with it. With that being said, some sites are reporting rumors that Loki will be more openly featured as a gender fluid character, meaning he would not identify as having a fixed gender. If this rumored representation is confirmed in the series, there is also a higher chance Loki will be featured as an openly bisexual character as well and may even find the love and attention he so desperately craves. (Awe, we hope so!)

One of the largest hints that Loki will be using his shapeshifting abilities and consider himself gender fluid is a photo from the set featuring actress Sophia Di Martino dressed in the iconic Loki garb. Now, we have seen Loki shift into other characters such as Captain America, Lady Sif, Odin and more, but this would be the first time one of Loki’s other forms would be directly featured in the MCU. Martino’s role has been kept tightly under wraps by Marvel Studios, but Sophia is currently confirmed to appear in all 6-episodes of the series along with Tom Hiddleston, Richard E. Grant, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Owen Wilson.

Disney and Marvel Studios have yet to confirm any of these rumors regarding Loki’s appearance and sexual orientation, but be sure to check back here at Chip and Co. for updates and all things Marvel Studios!

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