Make your own Guardians of the Galaxy Paper Snowflakes

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These fun Guardians of the Galaxy paper snowflakes will have you Hooked on a Feeling. Now you can decorate your office, house , or even your spaceship. Get that mixed tape and an x-acto knife and get crafting. Anthony Herrera has designed amazing templates for the Guardians characters.


“I am Groot!” This snowflake is adorable, I mean who doesn’t love Groot. You can download his snowflake pattern here.

Ronan The Accuser

Don’t be accused of not having fun. You can download the template for Ronan the Accuser here.


This snowflake is perfect for fans of Gamora. You can download the template here.

Rocket Raccoon

If you want a snowflake of the snarky raccoon Anthony Herrera has you covered. You can download the template for Rocket Raccoon here.

Baby Groot

Ok. I thought the first Groot snowflake was adorable but this is another level. You can download the Baby Groot snowflake template here.

Star Lord

You can’t have a collection of Guardians of the Galaxy snowflakes and not include Star Lord. This sweet-talking defender of the galaxy has his own pattern. You can download the Star Lord template here.

Anthony Herrera has amazing snowflake designs. You can find even more patterns at his website here. They are all definitely a fun activity to do this winter.

Susan Wilson