Make Your Own BB-8 Pumpkin For Halloween!

BB-8 pumpkin

Add some Halloween decor to your home with this BB-8 pumpkin! 

With his round shape and orange details, it’s easy to imagine BB-8 as a jack-o’-lantern that inspires smiles instead of scares. Plus is super easy to make! Take a look at this fun DIY:


  • 2 pumpkins (large and small)
  • Pumpkin carving kit
  • Painter’s tape (large, medium and small rolls)
  • Paint brush
  • Fine grain sand paper
  • Acrylic paints (black, white and orange)
  • Paint pen
  • Rhinestones
  • Small round object (styrofoam craft glitter ball painted black)
  • Large round object (half of a clear plastic ornament found at a craft store)
  • 2 plastic coffee stirring straws
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Translucent silver pen


  • Use a large roll of painter’s tape to trace a circle at the top of the small pumpkin. Then carve our the circle, remove and clean out the pumpkin using a pumpkin carving kit.
  • Using a smaller roll of painter’s tape, trace 2 circles on the front of the small pumpkin and carve out.
  • Prepare the pumpkins for painting by sanding them lightly.
  • Paint them with white paint and let them dry.
  • In the meantime, cut out BB-8 reference patterns. Use a T-pin to set the template into place and trace using a ballpoint pen.
  • Paint according to the patterns. Repeat pattern painting until all of BB-8’s details are on the pumpkin. Use a ballpoint pen/silver pen for details.
  • Paint the inside of the small pumpkin black.
  • Attach painter’s tape around the outside edge of the clear ornament and paint edge black. Once dry, remove tape and insert into large opening.
  • Insert black styrofoam ball into small opening.
  • Sand coffee straws to prep for paint. Paint them white and attach at the top of the small pumpkin.
  • For an added detail, add rhinestones to corners of gray patterns.

You can also watch the video tutorial showing you how to create your BB-8 pumpkin step by step:

Now BB-8 is ready for his Halloween mission!

Credit: Disney Family

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