Make this Epcot Spaceship Earth Wall for your home

Spaceship Earth Wall

With the Disney World Theme Parks closed right now we have been covering various recipes, crafts, and projects you can do at home.

Today we wanted to highlight a wonderful do it yourself or DIY project from Chip and Co fan Ginny. She shared with us instructions on how to paint this amazing 🌐Spaceship Earth Wall🌐 at home. This has to be the ultimate Disney Addict project to Disneyfy your home.

Let’s jump right in…

Paint your wall black, including trimming it out.

Decide how large you’d like your SE triangles! My wall was 9 ft tall and 12 ft wide. I didn’t want the pattern to be 100% “fit” to the wall, as in, I didn’t divide it out based on how big my wall is. I wanted a pattern that looked like wallpaper, so I wanted it to start “halfway” coming out like a continuous pattern. You can see in the final pic what I mean…I don’t have full triangles on the top or one side. I decided on 18-inch triangles. So, the tallest part and widest part of each large piece would be 18 inches. I started at the floor, and measured up 18 inches with a yardstick, and put a dot (with a white colored pencil) every 18 inches horizontally as well. This way I knew the lines would be straight across bc I would have checkpoints all the way across the wall. After the marks are made, put the tape up! Note again, the top section isn’t going to be a full 18 inches like the others.

I purchased 1/4 inch (tiny!) wide painters tape from Amazon! I got 2 packs of 3 to make sure I’d have enough. I wanted the lines to be tiny because of how Spaceship Earth is in real life.

Ok, next is taping the diagonal lines! Go along each taped line and measure 18 inches and put a dot. You already did this before, but you may have covered it with tape. From the side of the wall, measure 18 inches out and put dots, all across each line-BUT-every other lines, measure out 9 inches from side wall THEN continue 18 inches. This ensures you will have diamond shapes bc you are alternating your 18-inch spreads.

Tape the lines connecting dots making one side of the triangles.

You already have your dots! Now tape the other side of the triangles by connecting the dots again going the other direction.

Here comes the fun part 🤪. Now it’s time to tape off each triangle! It’s actually much easier than it looks. You only have to measure once in each triangle. It isn’t perfect, but I figured measuring 12 inches from the tallest point of each triangle made each little triangle almost the exact same size. That means also measuring 12 inches from the bottom point of every other triangle-as in, the ones that are upside down! Look closely and you’ll see your pattern in triangles is: pointing up, pointing down. So, 12 inches from the top, 12 inches from the bottom. Simply put a dot at that point. Then, bring your 3 tapes from the center dot to each triangle angle!

Whew! This is actually easier than the painting part…believe it or not.

Paint the entire thing black, to try to prevent grey bleeding under the tape.

Now, time for the first color! Look at a pic of Spaceship Earth to decide where you’d like your colors to be. I used 3, so 2 different triangles per color. Also, I used a small artist’s paintbrush, like you’d use when painting a canvas…pointed/angled, about an inch wide. You have to watch those tiny corners, so I liked an angled brush.

With the first color, You can be VERY free with this one…because you’re going to be painting all the other ones next. I actually used a small roller for this one to save time. Don’t worry about staying in the lines!

Second color! You can still paint it a bit freely here because you still have one color to go. Just make sure not to get it in the triangles of your first color!

Last color! Be very very careful and have wipes handy-that tape is SO thin. Don’t get it into any other section! Wipe immediately if you do-I used baby wipes. You can always touch up colors later too. I had to do 2 coats on almost all of mine.

Remove tape! I did a small time-lapse video of this as well, just to show. Advice-don’t pull a bunch of directions at once, even though it’s tempting. Do one piece at a time to avoid pulling off drywall.

Go back and touch up any colors that bled, and make sure to touch up the black where you put those tiny white colored-pencil dots! Small bits of dry-wall ended up coming off a bunch on ours, so we had a lot of black touch-ups to do.

Also, here is a picture of the colorway I wanted to go with-it helped me know where I wanted to put each of my 3 colors. Wendy Johnson La cut these for her wall and was nice enough to turn them greyscale for me and message me when I was trying to decide what colors I wanted! It helped me figure out where I wanted to put the lightest grey, medium grey, and darkest grey because I liked how this looked.

Here are some paint options to help you:

Benjamin Moore choices

Sherwin Williams Choices

As for paint colors…I mixed my own because I couldn’t go to Lowe’s. I used white, black, and a darker grey to work with.  I used 3 empty gallon-sized paint cans to mix them and I’d say you’ll need half a gallon of each color to be safe, and for touch-ups. Also, having a solo cup handy while painting so you’ll always have your color in your hand was a great plan and time saver.

I’d say with touch-ups included, it probably took a good 3-4 days to complete.

Check out the progress in this short video below.

Special thank you to Ginny Curtis Phillips for sharing these instructions with us. She is such an amazing artist!!!

She is a Travel Agent with Share the Magic Travel. As a thank you why not visit her Facebook page and give her a like and tell her how much you love her Spaceship Earth wall!


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