Make Quarantine Sound a Little More Magical with Your Favorite Disney Movie Music

Disney music

Make quarantine sound a little more magical with your favorite Disney movie music! We compiled our favorite Disney movie music playlists for you to enjoy during this quarantine process! Right now we can’t go to Disney, so we have to bring Disney to us…keep reading for some of the best  playlists to do so.

YouTube – We found an AMAZING Disney movie music playlist on YouTube that includes hundreds of Disney classics including tracks from “The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Moana,” and many more! Start listening now by clicking here or the link above. – Disney’s official website includes everything from Radio Disney to Disney movie song covers from various artists, and is the perfect place to listen to all of your Disney movie music favorites! Click here to start browsing!

DParkRadio – This continuous loop of our favorite Disney music, including all of the movie classics, can be accessed in the DParkadio app, on your Apple TV,, by enabling the DParkRadio skill on your Amazon Alexa or Google Home Device, with Sonos music system, Android Auto or Apple Carplay, or even with Roku! Click here to start listening!

Sorcerer Radio – 
With various channels that listeners can choose from, Disney lovers can enjoy their Disney movie music favorites at home! You can view the show schedule here. Start listening now!

Spotify – There are a variety of Disney movie music playlists on Spotify, but we found this one to be the best! It includes so many of our classic movie favorites, including “You’re Welcome” and even “Love is an Open Door!” You can access Spotify by heading to or by downloading the free app. Start by listening now – you can click here or on the link above!

Pandora – 
Pandora is a free website and application where Disney lovers have access to multiple Disney movie music classics! We found the “Disney Hits” playlist to be our favorite! Start listening now!

We hope these Disney movie music playlists help make this crazy time a little more bearable! Enjoy listening!

Photo source YouTube, DParkRadio,, Sorcerer Radio, Spotify, and Pandora.

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