Main Street Confectionery Offers Treats For All

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So let’s say you’re at Walt Disney World – and you suddenly feel hungry for something sweet. What do you do? Where do you go? HOW DO YOU HANDLE IT???

Well, first of all, calm down. Breathe. You can do this – just head over to the Magic Kingdom, and take a stroll down Main Street USA until you reach the Main Street Confectionery – and relax, all your sugar problems are solved!

Once you walk into this candy store – you are instantly mesmerized by the “old time” feel of the hardware and decor, and the colors of the different candies are enough to make you feel like a kid in a candy store (which is pretty much what you are at this point!)

The Confectionery features TONS of amazing candy treats, and you are pretty much guaranteed to find something everyone in your family will love here! Some of their offerings include:

Confec Case

Confec Apples

Fresh Case: This section of the store offers TONS of fresh-made goodies – including assorted candy apples, cupcakes, brownies, cake pops, peanut butter cups, toffee, and the best part? The FUDGE – it comes in many varieties, and sometimes you will even spot a seasonal flavor (like peppermint or pumpkin!) – if you are a fan of fudge, you will definitely want to make a stop (or several stops!) at the Confectionary. It’s worth waiting in this (sometimes very LONG) line to get your hands on some of these great treats

Confec Packaged

Packaged Treats: The main area of the store is filled with a large variety of packaged treats, a lot of which are packaged with the “Goofy’s Candy Company” name – hard candies, chocolate covered pretzels, salted caramels, taffy, boxed assorted chocolates, candy bars, and lollipops of various sizes and colors – including those HUGE rainbow colored ones that your kids will see and immediately beg you for, throwing a full-blown tantrum if necessary. These are all are perfect for when you want to grab a snack for later, or when you need something larger to split among siblings. Many of the packaged items also make great souvenirs/take home treats

Dietary Conscious: Many of us now have to consider not only what we WANT to snack on, but what we CAN snack on – and Disney understands that many families have to deal with allergies and other dietary restrictions – at the Confectionary you will find a small variety of no sugar added/sugar free candies, as well as a few gluten free options (cookies/brownies). As always, you can ask a Cast Member for more information regarding nutritional content or dietary concerns you might have

Utilize Your Snack Credits Here – When you stop here, I recommend using a Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits to pick up a delicious treat, but the question is, which ONE? Well, here are my top five Snack Credit Confectionery Picks:

1. Mickey Cake Pop – dense fudge-y cake covered in white chocolate and sprinkles? Oh and it’s shaped like Mickey? Yes PLEASE!

2. Seasonal Fudge – While regular fudge doesn’t do much for me, I can’t turn down a slab of pumpkin fudge – and the words “available for a limited time only” get me every time

3. Toffee – This is a treat that isn’t widely available at WDW, and since it’s made fresh at the Confectionery, I can’t say no – the nuts and the sweet crunch of that toffee are the perfect combo

4. Sugar Cookie – There is something classic and delicious about a frosted sugar cookie – and they are always available in Mickey shapes as well as seasonal finds too (Tree shapes for Christmas, Bunnies for Easter, and many more!). Don’t forget the milk!

5. Peanut Butter Cup – Forget everything you know about peanut butter cups – these things are huge and amazing tasting – they are like Reese’s on steroids!

What about you – what do YOU get to satisfy your sweet tooth when you stop at the Confectionery?

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9 thoughts on “Main Street Confectionery Offers Treats For All

  1. I love the big Minnie’s Bake Shop cookies. They’re so good! The white chocolate chip ones are my favorite.

  2. I have to stop reading the articles here. It’s been three years since my last trip and it will be at least another year before I can go back. Sob! But thank you for all the good advice and bringing back great memories!

  3. We always love how pretty everything looks, but unfortunately we can’t purchase anything due to a severe peanut and tree nut allergy. That is our only complaint about Disney World. . .the bakeries/candies generally are not safe and for a child, that is a hard pill to swallow to see/smell such wonderful treats and not be able to partake. Oh well, it is a small cross to bear.

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