Check Out the Incredible Luke Skywalker Landspeeder by Radio Flyer

Luke Skywalker Landspeeder

Hold on to your lightsabers Star Wars fans! The force is strong with new Luke Skywalker Landspeeder by Radio Flyer. Radio Flyer introduced the first kid-sized Landspeeder you can drive. Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder by Radio Flyer is modeled after the infamous X-34 craft from Star Wars: A New Hope.

Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder™ by Radio Flyer is modeled after the sand-pocked and sun-faded X-34 craft from Star Wars: A New Hope. With seats for 2 riders, an interactive dashboard with lights and real movie sounds, and a 5 miles per hour driving speed, this speeder provides a truly galactic driving experience.

The gear shift switches between 2 miles per hour forward, 5 miles per hour forward, or 2 miles per hour reverse. 12 Volt rechargeable battery and charger included. For ages 4 and up, maximum weight 130 pounds.

This is by far the coolest kid’s automated ride on toy I have ever seen, and I’m almost jealous I can’t have one for myself. I so wish we could rent them in Star Wars Land when it opens haha! Check out the video below to see this amazing new toy in action! It’s available now at Toys R Us!

What do you think about Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder by Radio Flyer ride on? I think it’s incredible!

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