Lucasfilm Wants To Bring Ahsoka Tano To The Big Screen

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Lucasfilm Wants To Bring Ahsoka Tano To The Big Screen. According to, Lucasfilm is looking to bring Ahsoka Tano to theaters in a future Star Wars film. Ahsoka is best known from Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series where she was a Padawan learner to Anakin Skywalker before his turn to the dark side.

Ahsoka was one of the main characters in the popular animated series, and also one of the first characters that had not been featured in a Star Wars film to appear on the show. She quickly gained popularity among fans and through fantastic storytelling, took a new turn towards the end of her time on the show and became one of the first “Gray Jedi” to be showcased in main stream media. She later appeared as a much older and full fledged Gray Jedi in Star Wars: Rebels in a smaller, but crucial guest appearance.

Ahsoka’s journey is quite an amazing one, and if you have not watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and are a huge Star Wars fan, I highly suggest giving it a go. The show gives a ton of insight that the films just don’t have time to showcase and it makes the decisions in the films even more heartbreaking with the finer details.With that in mind, here is the exciting bit!

Lucasfilm wants to bring Ahsoka into the fold of Star Wars films, and if they can’t get her in a featured film, they may be looking to add more of her story to a live-action series on Disney+. Ahsoka’s big screen debut would more than likely be in the next trilogy being written by Star Wars director, Rian Johnson. Johnson’s trilogy is reported to be set after Star Wars: Episode IX. The opposite is being said about Game of Thrones writers, D.B.Weiss and David Benioff, who are reportedly working on a separate trilogy set before the events of the Skywalker Saga in a long, long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

If Johnson decides to not include Ahsoka Tano in the new Star Wars trilogy, the studio may be looking to have her appear in an exclusive series on Disney+. The show would likely take on a likeness of The Mandalorian.

Actress, Rosario Dawson, has expressed interest in playing the live-action version of Ahsoka, much to the delight of fans who believe Dawson is perfect for the role.

Would you like to see Ahsoka Tano in a featured film or maybe in a trilogy? Or would you like her to be the protagonist of her own series on Disney+? Who would you cast as Ahsoka Tano in a live-action version of the character? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to check back here at Chip and Company for all things Star Wars!

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