Lion King Pandora Collection Is The Circle Of Style!

Disney’s Live Action Lion King film premieres this summer in July! To commemorate the event, Disney and Pandora have collaborated for a beautiful new collection. The Lion King Pandora Collection captures the magic of the original animated classic, while celebrating the new film.

The Art of Pandora has shown off a special sneak peek of this fabulous collection! The beautiful new assortment will be available at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, in Pandora stores, and online at You can expect to see this collection released just in time for the movie on Thursday, July 4th!

Lion King Pandora Collection

The centerpiece of this collection is a stunning new bangle bracelet, with a round clasp. The clasp is etched with the iconic “Simba” drawing that Rafiki creates. This bracelet would be the perfect home to a collection of Lion King inspired charms too!

Lion King Pandora Collection

Yellow and Purple crystals embrace the Simba & Nala Heart Charm! This heart shaped button charm features Simba and Nala smile at one another with cut out hearts along the sides.

We can’t have a Lion King collection without our favorite pals Timon and Pumba! This Hakuna Matata inspired dangle charm features Simba, Timon, and Pumba. A leafy green disk contrasts in the background, for a beautiful jungle vibe.

The Lion King collection also features a few “Shine” pieces, which are the gold colored pieces. The gold really is the perfect selection for this dangle charm of Mufasa showing Simba the Pride Lands. An amber disc sits in the background with a Pride Lands horizon, which gives this charm an incredible amount of depth.

There is also a Simba portrait charm that comes in a selection of Silver, or Gold. Colorful enamel details bring out the majestic expression of our Lion King!

Look for the Lion King Pandora Collection at the Disney Parks where fine jewelry is sold, Pandora Store locations, and online when the collection debuts on July 4th!

Photo Source: The Art of Pandora

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