“The Lion King” Will be Licensed to Elementary and Middle Schools for stage performances


Disney Theatrical Productions will be adding school versions of The Lion King to Music Theater International’s Broadway Junior Collection. The Lion King Jr. and The Lion King KIDS will be licensed only to accredited elementary and middle schools. Starting in May, schools will be able to sign up for the program, which will be available in 2015.

The Lion King Jr. is a 60-minute musical and The Lion King Kids is a 30-minute musical.

Each school who receives a license will get teaching materials to help students learn. The Lion King Jr. and The Lion King Kids teaching materials will also include costume and scene design.

“I am thrilled we can provide the Jr. and Kids versions of The Lion King to students around the globe for the very first time,” said Thomas Schumacher, producer and president of Disney Theatrical Productions, in a statement. “The entire creative team of The Lion King got started in the theater as children and those early experiences went on to inform our collective careers, so we are excited to be able to extend the legacy of the stage to the next generation of theater makers and theatergoers.”

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