Limited Edition Marvel Themed Food at Disneyland Paris!

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What better way to enjoy Disneyland Paris’ Marvel’s Season of Super-Heroes than dining on limited edition Marvel themed food! To celebrate the Season of Super-Heroes Disneyland Paris have created a wide range of Marvel savoury snacks, sweet treats, ice creams, cold drinks and legendary souvenirs like the Thanos gauntlet!

A wide range of Marvel savoury snacks

Guests can enjoy limited edition Marvel themed food such as the lunch available at the En Coulisses restaurant in Walt Disney Studios Park. This menu inspired by Captain Marvel includes the crunchy tortilla-loaded Ultimate Burger with a side of fries and a crispy melt-in-your-mouth passion fruit Super Pavlova.

Feeling hungry between missions? No problem! Guests can re-energise at Walt Disney Studios Park, by sampling a variety of savoury bites at all times such as Super Heroes Falafels (which is vegan) or an Avengers Croq’ croque-monsieur.

There are other limited edition Marvel themed food is The Incredible Gazpacho, which is also available at buffet restaurants in Disney Hotels and Disney Parks.

Marvel sweet treats

There are plenty of sweet snacks also available, such as Groot Shortbread which is incredibly adorable and available in both English and French! The Awesome Mix Tape Cake (a vanilla sponge cake with a milk chocolate coating) which resembles Star-Lord’s iconic cassette or the Spider-Man hazelnut chocolate filled Spider-Sense Donut, to be completely immersed in the Marvel universe.

Marvel ice creams and cold drinks

To cool down after an adventure-packed day, guests can quench their thirst with one of the drinks designed especially for Marvel Season of Super-Heroes, such as the mango and pineapple-infused Green Smash Cocktail. Guests can also recover from their adventures, by indulging in the coconut charcoal Panther Ice Cream inspired by Marvel’s Black Panther!

Marvel souvenirs

To celebrate Marvel’s Season of Super-Heroes at Disneyland Paris, guests can choose from a wide range of Marvel dining products, from slipping the Thanos Gantlet Sipper covered with Infinity Stones or Baby Groot Sippers.

There are endless ways to enjoy Disneyland Paris’ Marvel’s Season of Super-Heroes, but indulging in the limited edition Marvel themed foods is definitely at the top of our list!


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  1. Ok, first off that chocolate & hazelnut-filled Spiderman donut looks & sounds amazing!!!! Second off, the Thanos gauntlet is awesome, but i’m just wondering how tired your arm must get for holding your drink like that for so long. lol #DisneyVacayGiveaway

  2. Paris – you are doing this food right! My stomach just growled. The Crunchy Tortilla Loaded Burger needs to get in my belly. #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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