Lilo and Stitch Beach House LEGO Idea

LEGO fans and Lilo & Stitch fans won’t want to miss this! This Lilo & Stitch Beach House LEGO idea is perfect for you! This design was inspired by the end of Disney’s Lilo & Stitch movie.

The beach house is a split level, completely detachable home in the forested outskirts of Kokaua Town, Hawaii. The set would come with 6 Minifigures (Stitch, Lilo, Nani, David, Pleakley & Jumba) + a modified Teddy Bear as Scrump. With this set you would be able to:

  • Drive AND fly in Lilo and Stitch’s two convertible spaceship-cars
  • Ride with the family in the beach buggy with a detachable wagon
  • Surf ocean waves and wax boards in the surfboard workshop
  • Play Elvis (the King’s) records on the staple green record player
  • Relax in the palm tree hammock surrounded by plumeria flowers and Tikki torches
  • Build new devices and catch experiments in Jumba’s hideaway scientist workshop
  • Enjoy stunning views from the tower riding on a suspended elevator platform

What do you think about this LEGO idea?

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