Liberty Square Market Seating Area Now Open

Liberty Square Market

When in the Magic Kingdom, find the cool spots to eat. It’s easier said than done to find someplace to avoid the crowds and heat while getting a bite. One of the areas that have been lacking most in seating lately is the popular Market in Liberty Square, which sells grab-and-go items such as Mickey pretzels, whole fruit, hot dogs, yogurt, and that king-sized turkey leg you’ve been eyeing.

The reason that this area is devoid of enough seating is one that explains so much of what is happening around Walt Disney World lately: renovations. But all of that is in the past now. A brand new covered seating area has recently been opened!

The tables each have their own umbrella, providing a necessary amount of shade, while the stools accommodate table-crowding should you have a larger party. The area has a clean and new look to it, with fresh tiles on the ground. We are so excited to sit here and people-watch while chowing down!

This outdoor space can also be used by guests eating at the nearby Columbia Harbor House, which typically boasts a good amount of indoor seating but can become crowded during the high season. Just grab your tray and head on over to the picnic spot!

If you’re a big fan of eating with a view of the Haunted Mansion, or if the next time you’re at the Magic Kingdom you get an irresistible hankering for a dill pickle, you’ll want to check out the freshly finished outdoor seating at Liberty Square Market. Then, let us know what you think of the update!

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Allison Luna