Lego Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles on DVD September 15th! 

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Unleash the Force and engage in some more action packed thrills  in LEGO STAR WARS: The New Yoda Chronicles coming to DVD on September 15, 2015!  Your favorite Star Wars heroes are back with four complete episodes (plus a bonus alternate ending!) that unleash the lighter side of the Force.

I watched these episodes on TV with my kids and we loved them! They really enjoy playing with LEGO Star Wars sets that they got at the LEGO Experience store in Disney Springs, and watch the movies, especially the Classic 6.

Join Luke, Master Yoda and the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi  battle to find the last remnants of the secrets of the Jedi – to further Luke’s training. Who will find them first? The rebels, or Darth Vader?

Four 22 minute Episodes Included:

  • Escape From The Jedi Temple
  • Race For The Holocrons
  • Raid on Coruscant
  • Clash of the Skywalkers

I’m really excited to check out the DVD Bonus Features and Alternate Ending: Clash of the Skywalkers – In this alternate version, will Luke win against the Sith Lord or will Vader be victorious?

If your family loves STAR WARS and LEGO’s as much as mine does, then you will fly your podracers to the store and pick up LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles on September 15. If you want the ultimate Star Wars fan experience, head to Walt Disney World in May or June 2016 for Hollywood Studio’s STAR WARS WEEKENDS! Meet you favorite characters, ride Star Tours, have a lightsaber battle with Vader himself! Contact me today for a free price quote! Email me at or find me on Facebook HERE! May the Force be with you my friends!

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