Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure – Special Edition Blu-ray Review

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On August 21, 2012, “Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure” is going to be released on Blu-ray and I have the good and the bad to report!

The Story Goes

By picking up where they left off and following the life of Scamp, Lady and Tramp’s mischievous son, “Scamp’s Adventure” is a continuation of the much-loved, classic tale, “Lady and the Tramp”. Scamp is a young pup that wants to be wild and free. The movie begins with him in the house with all of our old friends and some new. Jim Dear and Darling and their little one, Lady, Tramp and there 3 perfect girl pups who are Scamp’s sweet sisters.  Everyone in the house enjoys peace, quiet and baths; well, everyone but Scamp. He is constantly getting himself in scrapes and once he gets away from all the house rules and joins the “Junkyard Dogs” the adventures begin. Through many ups and downs Scamp gets his wish of freedom but, as always, be careful what you wish for!

What Makes it a Special Edition

First that it is on Blu-ray. The clear, crisp digital technology makes everything about this movie just a bit better.  Also, in Blu-ray is the Bonus Features. First, is Puppy Trivia Tracks which is similar to pop up videos. You can watch the whole movie while little boxes pop up on the screen with more info.

At first, I thought it was going to be distracting and not a positive. But, they did a good job with it and made the info pertinent and had fun facts about dogs and the movie. Even better is they re-introduce you to the characters from the original Lady and the Tramp by telling you their names, who they are and even showing a short video clip of the characters in the first movie.

Another bonus feature is the Sing-Along Songs. Since, the movie played out very “Broadway-inspired” musical at times, the sing along is just like performing karaoke. The movie playing in the background with the characters singing and the words on the screen turning from white to yellow as you sing along and keep time. I would say kids old enough to read, but still on the younger side will have some fun with this, but it may be for a limited time.

Included in the bonus features as well are 3 shorts, all Pluto themed. All 3 of the bonus shorts are some of the original Disney shorts with no words and just orchestra music in the background. Typical Pluto being mischievous with his son, brother, friends, etc. They are cute and it is fun to see Disney incorporate some original film to new stuff.

Last on the bonus features is my favorite part and that is “The Making of Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure”. This included everything from the voice actors recording the movie to how they used the original “Lady and the Tramp” movie by revisiting the original drawings. What is the best part…well that is Walt Disney himself talking about the original classic and how it came to be. They also have interviews with veteran animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas who worked on the original movie; as well as interviews with the new animators and directors.

The Good

The good is the continuation of a beloved classic. Lady and the Tramp is one of my all-time favorites and Disney did a great job continuing the story. You felt Lady, Tramp, Jim Dear and Darling and all the gang were just the same and kept them true to their original characters. The moral is family will be the most important thing, and you can have your independence, but still come home at the end of the day – definitely a good message to send to kids as always.

The Bad

The bad is the story is a little too predictable to appeal to as wide a range of an audience as many of Disney movies do. The storyline follows a little too closely to the original where you feel Scamp is just doing exactly what Tramp had done in the first movie.  There is not enough comedy form me in the movie to make it a favorite for all ages. They could have tried to appeal to a wider audience or a more mature audience if they had included some of the fun Disney laughs.

Overall, a cute film that would be worth watching if you loved the original movie “Lady and the Tramp” and a good movie for the whole family to watch. Could it have been better – sure, but it is worth the time and the bonus features were a welcome addition!



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