Kid Stuff I Secretly Want for Christmas

Admit it, there are some toys you buy for yourself. Some of it’s totally acceptable. I mean, no one is going to judge you if you buy a Wii for the kids but end up playing it more yourself, right?  But what if your taste in toys is a bit more juvenile?  Should you be ashamed? No!  And just to make you feel better, here are five toys that I (not so) secretly want.

1.  Disney’s Contemporary Resort Monorail Playset.  The Contemporary Resort just says “Disney World” to me.  I know it has its naysayers, but I like to think it’s Walt’s kind of hotel, even if it is fantastically stuck in some 1960s architect’s vision of the future.  If I had this in my house, I could have a little piece of Disney every day.  Also, it would go great with my next choice . . .

2.  Disney Parks Monorail Track.   The first step in creating my own Magic Kingdom at home. Don’t tell me you haven’t though about it.  Okay, maybe it’s just me. But still, think of how much fun it would be.

2.  The Sleeping Beauty Castle Playset.  When I was a kid, we didn’t have stuff like this. We had sticks. And rocks. And we were darn happy to have them after we got back from our ten-mile walk home from school each day, let me tell you young Whippersnapper.   I mean look at this thing:  It even comes with dolls, er, action figures.

3. Toy Story 3 Trash Compactor Escape Lego Playset.  Remember that scene in Toy Story 3 where they’re all going into the incinerator?  Well now you can relive it and throw Lotso in instead. You know, if you happen to have some lingering trauma over that scene.

5.  Finally, I want this  Tauntaun sleeping bag so that when I’m sleeping a few extra people in my value resort room, I’ll be super comfortable on the floor. It’s also excellent at blocking out snowy drafts.  I’m kidding!  But seriously, I do want this. 

Chris writes here and at  Everything Walt Disney World. She’s also a member of the Mouse Chat podcast team.

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