Keys to the Kingdom: Liberty Square

During my Keys to the Kingdom tour this past November, I learned so many awesome details about the Magic Kingdom. This is another installment of the memories from that wonderful tour. Spoiler alert!

Walt Disney was a genius in many areas. One such area was his attention to detail. He always wanted everything to be perfectly represented in the park as design integrity was very important to him. If Walt didn’t know exactly how something should be represented he would gather a research team to study the facts to determine the most authentic design possible.

After Walt’s death, when the imagineers set out to design Liberty Square at Walt Disney World, they wanted to keep with Walt’s standard. This is the reason you will never find a restroom while strolling through Liberty Square.

If you eat at Columbia Harbour House, and you need to find the restroom, the cast members could tell you honestly, “I’m sorry but you will have to go to Fantasyland for that.” You see, if you go to the restroom inside Columbia Harbour House it is indeed located in Fantasyland. You might ask why this is. It is simply because there were no indoor toilets back in colonial times. Truth-be-known, the only reason there is one inside Columbia Harbour House at all is due to health regulations.

When visiting Walt Disney World, you have to always be on the lookout. Remember to look all around, up and down and everywhere. The magic of Disney is in the attention to detail. Another example of this can be found while strolling through Liberty Square. One might notice that the ground is brown in the center. It is meant to resemble a river – a river of sewage, I’m afraid, as in colonial times. Without indoor toilets, everyone collected their waste and then threw it out of their upper windows into the middle of the road. The brown gravel looking part of the pavement is a representation of that.

It is fascinating how much time has been spent on every aspect of Walt’s vision. There are new and exciting things to discover each time you visit. Plan a trip soon — you’ll be glad you did!

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