Jon Favreau Reveals New Detail About Star Wars Series

Jon Favreau Reveals New Detail About Star Wars Series

Jon Favreau Reveals New Detail About Star Wars Series. By now you may have heard of a new Star Wars Series called “The Mandalorian,” coming to Disney+ streaming service. You also may have heard that Jon Favreau has penned and will be acting as Executive Producer for the series. The Cast for “The Mandalorian” includes Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, Kingsman:The Golden Circle), Gina Carano (Deadpool), Nick Nolte (Hulk), along with Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog, Giancarlo Esposito, Emily Shallow, and Omid Abtahi. Though the roles for these talented stars remain a heavily guarded secret, Executive Producer, Jon Favreau, may have let one secret slip.

On Christmas Day, Dec 25, 2018, Favreau posted this picture with the simple message: “Merry Christmas!” on Instagram.

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Merry Christmas!

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My guess is this was not the droid you were looking for.

Star Wars fans with a keen eye would be able to tell you that this is IG-88, also known as IG-88B or a Phlutdroid, which is an assassin droid in the Star Wars Universe. IG-88 is a chief rival to a certain Mandalorian you may know, named Boba Fett. Funny enough, we may already know the fate of IG-88, as the droids remains can be seen in a Cloud City junk room in The Empire Strikes Back, aka Star Wars: Episode V.

Though we may not know what role IG-88 will play in the series, this new droid will make its appearance in the Pedro Pascal led “The Mandalorian.” The new Star Wars Series is set to take place between the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of The First Order.

“The Mandalorian” will be available, with other exclusive content, for viewing via the Disney+ streaming service. Disney+ is expected to launch in late 2019.

From all of us here at Chip and Co, Thank You, Jon Favreau, for this wonderful Star Wars Christmas present!

Photo Credit: Jon Favreau/Instagram

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