John Carter Passholder Preview at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This weekend Drew and I attended the special passholder screening of John Carter at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I was really excited about this event for a couple of reasons. One, I was getting to see a movie I was really looking forward to a week in advance and two, it was going to be in Hollywood Studios. How cool is that!

The event was held at the Premier Theater which is located near the Streets of America. It seemed to be pretty popular since we saw sever people lined up the day before and there was already a line when we arrived a little after 9:00 AM. Disney didn’t provide snacks but unlike other movie theaters you could bring in whatever you wanted. We brought breakfast from the Writers Stop but lots of people had bags of popcorn and drinks they brought from home.

When we checked in we had to provide our vouchers and show our Annual Pass. They also had a stand by line for people who had not signed up in advance but could get in if someone didn’t show up. Once you checked in you had to go through security. If you brought a cell phone or camera it had to be checked and would be returned to you once the movie was over. After that you received your goody bag which had a pair of John Carter 3D glasses, a lithograph, and information about the upcoming John Carter vinylmation series.

I had never been in the Premier Theater before but it was a great venue to watch the movie. Before the movie started they played a few previews for upcoming Disney films (I can’t wait to see Frankenweenie) and there was a short introduction and welcome from the director, Andrew Stanton. Real 3D provided the projector and I thought the 3D looked amazing. I won’t give a full review since Patrick pretty much summed it up better than I ever could in his review but I really, really enjoyed John Carter. I will probably be paying to see it again this weekend. I thought Andrew Stanton did an amazing job and you can tell how much he loved the material.

I hope Disney has more passholder events like this one. There was an excitement in the air since you knew you were getting to see John Carter before most people. Although next time it would be nice to get some popcorn.

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