Jane By Design’s Matt Atkinson Tells All

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Jane By Design is a hot show that is starting into its second season tonight on ABC Family at 9/8c.  I had the chance to talk with Matt Atkinson, one of Tuesday night TV’s hottest guys and pick his mind about him, the show, and whether or not we would be seeing him with his shirt off this coming season!

You left us off with quite a bang at the end off last season – You kissed LuLu!  How have your fans treated you out in public because of it and what advice would you give to Nick Fadden, your character if you had the chance?  

My fans have been really receptive.  People make mistakes and they realize it, they are like you know what you screwed up but we are still routing for you and Jane to be together! And if I had a piece of advice for Nick in that episode it would be Don’t Kiss Lulu!

How happy are you with how your characters story line progresses this upcoming season? 

I am really happy with how my character, Nick, progresses!  Him and I are different people and what he does isn’t always what I would do but it is who he is!

Any surprises about your character you can share with us?

Nick goes through a pretty rough time.  What he has always thought he would do might not be what actually happens and it is really hard on him.

Is there any chance that Nick and Jane are going to be happily ever after? 

I think chances are good for Nick and Jane.  They both go through a lot this season but are really strong people who are defined by who they are.  I think they are really suitable for each other.

You and your character have something in common! Baseball! Tell us about your baseball career.  

I played baseball for about 10-12 years growing up. I eventually stopped playing in High School, it just wasn’t my passion.  It stopped being fun.  That is about all Nick and I have in common, except we look a lot alike! 🙂

We actually have a mutual friend, which pretty much means we friends so I am going to pry into your personal life!  If Jane and LuLu were real people who would you more likely pursue? 

Jane!  I have always gone for more of the corky confident girls.  Lulu is confident too but in a popular I am too cool kind of way, I don’t find that attractive.

I know you grew up in Atlanta, did you ever make it to Disney World growing up?

Yes, I love Disney World and have been several times! I haven’t been to Disneyland yet but a member of our cast is trying to get our whole cast to take a trip there. I think that would be a lot of fun! But I have a lot of fun memories of visiting Orlando!

Did you ever think you would be names “One of the Hottest guys of Tuesday Television,” and will you be taking your shirt off this season? 

Ha! Growing up I never thought I was attractive like that.  I was always the class clown and always joking around.  I like to think my successes come from how talented I am.  But I don’t hate being called hott – but why couldn’t that have been in highschool!?  As for my shirt, I have worked out super hard for this role and I mention a lot that this would be an appropriate time to take my shirt off but it has not happened yet.

Well sorry ladies, it looks like we wont be seeing Matt Atkinson or Nick Fadden taking his shirt of anytime soon!  But we do have is a super nice hardworking guy who is really passionate about his role on Jane By Design!

Catch an all new season of Jane By Design premiering tonight at 9/8c on ABC Family!

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