It Makes Perfect Sense to go to College Near Disneyland

Chapman University is close to Disneyland. Very close. So is Cal State Fullerton. I won’t hide it — we’re lucky. (And that photo above is me in front of our university sign. That building in the background is Memorial Hall. Those doors are the same ones Denzel Washington walked through in “Crimson Tide“. And right in front of that building is Memorial lawn. If you’ve seen the movie “Accepted”, that’s where the “Ask me about my wiener” part takes place. Yeah. Chapman’s in movies. It’s awesome. And our film school is one of the best in the country. So is the business school. And we have the second largest piece of the Berlin Wall on a college campus. Yep. I get to be here every day, Monday through Friday. Totally not plugging my school…ahem. Moving on…)

If you’re a Disney lover, it only makes sense to go to college in Orange County. I had gotten accepted into a program at NYU, and I really wanted to go, but then I realized that I would be extremely far away from Disneyland (and my family…and old friends….and my boyfriend….and the school is ridiculously expensive). Why would I do that to myself?! So I’m stuck here….erm…I mean…I’m still living here.

If you’re going to college down here and you’re dorming, you can use your mailbox address to sign up for a SoCal pass or have the ability to make monthly payments rather than paying the full price all at once. Monthly payment plans = Disneyland is “cheap” entertainment. (If you were to add up how much it costs to go to clubs, the movies, or out to dinner, the costs far outweigh the price of a Disneyland annual pass over time. Trust me.) The annual pass can be used at both Disneyland AND California Adventure. Sounds like a great deal to me! (I basically get to see World of Color when I feel like it.) Not once have I ever regretted getting a pass, especially now that I pay for it myself with the monthly payments. Also, the school might offer a student discount on the annual pass, like Chapman does, but you’d have to pay the full amount all at once rather than through monthly payments.

Yes, college has been a lot of work for me, as well as other students I know. (I thought I had a lot of work, but apparently I have it easy compared to some other students.) But there’s always time for a quick trip to Disneyland, right? You don’t have to stay long, just for a few hours (hence the beauty of having an annual pass) and get back home/get back to your dorm with enough time to finish up assignments. I do it all the time! Disneyland is my relaxation time, my time to put my assignments in the back of my mind and focus on the magic in front of me. But once I leave the park, it’s back to Stressville. Work must be done. (But Disneyland is a great reward for getting your stuff finished.)

If your son or daughter is approaching the college age, let them consider going to college out here. It’s fantastic. Aside from Disneyland we’ve got great beaches as well as other theme parks and nice weather. Very nice weather. (The past couple weeks don’t count!) Plus, if you come down to visit him/her, the whole family can take a trip to Disneyland!

If you have any questions about what it’s like to go to school down here, feel¬† free to ask me. I’ll answer to the best of my ability. You can email me at

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  1. Thank you, Ken! I love being so close to the park. When the fireworks are going off, I hear them from my house. That’s how I know what time it is!

  2. Take it from someone who graduated from the University of Massachusetts waaaaaay out in the rural portions of western Massachusetts (at least it was in the 60’s) where our Disneyland was driving past very aromatic dairy farms – you are lucky, enjoy it while you can, it’s a great life!!! Great article Jessica!!


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