Is A Live-Action Nightmare Before Christmas In The Works?

Word is swirling around the interweb that there is a Nightmare Before Christmas live-action film in the works!

Moviehole is reporting that they a source stating there is talks of developing the film. Tim Burton has said he would have nothing to do with a sequel in the past so we are curious how this would be directed. “Live-Action” would be hard to imagine as well.

Here is Moviehole’s take on the idea:

“Now that doesn’t mean there’s a live-action “Nightmare” movie on the way – would that even work? I don’t know… – it just means that Disney are considering all options for some sort of sequel or follow-up, and one of those is having “Nightmare Before Christmas” go the way of their “Lion King”, “Aladdin” and “Dumbo” remakes and have us humans headline it. No surprise, really.
On the other hand, maybe they’ll give us a standard stop-motion sequel and heck, if they can come up with a script that’s decent, I think fans would much prefer that over seeing an A-lister get about in a skeleton-suit.
Either way, there’s definitely some “Nightmare Before Christmas” talks, and I guess Disney will look at how some of their other returning brands, like the aforesaid live-action remakes, go before locking in their return to Halloweentown.”

What do you think? Is a live-action Nightmare Before Christmas a good idea? Would you go to the movies to see it?

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Heather Adamczak