Introducing Duffy’s New Friend: CookieAnn!

Aloha CookieAnn and welcome to O’ahu!

Duffy has a new friend and she is adorable and creative. She loves to bake and create new fun recipes to share with her friends.

Her Aulani inspired outfit features a chef hat with a beautiful pink flower just like the ones you can find around Hawaii while she carries a pink cupcake with a plumeria flower. You can also spot two hidden Mickeys on her paws that are iconic to Duffy’s friends.

But you might be wondering, how did she end up in Aulani?

Well Duffy and his friends were planning a lū’au to welcome CookieAnn, so since she loves to create new and interesting delightful recipes and desserts they decorated beautiful flowers and prepared snacks and fruits that enjoyed in Hawaii.

When she arrived to Aulani Resort she was fascinated by so many things she has never seen or smelled before like the flowers, tropical fruits and the beautiful ocean! So she got inspired and started to decorate cupcakes with blue icing, slices of star fruit and mango as well as flowers to create delicious tropical cupcakes!

What do you think of Duffy’s new friend? We think she is lovely!

Credit: Disney



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Ana Leal