Interview with The Maze Runner’s Blake Cooper!


Recently I had the joy of speaking with a young actor by the name of Blake Cooper. You can currently see Cooper in the movie Maze Runner which is in theatres right now (and it’s quite good too!) We talked about everything from the pressure of playing a character already written and established too what made him fall in love with the book that started it all.

This being Blake’s first major motion picture roll he was quite eager to talk about this lovely project and how much fun it was to be a part of something so big. Of all the things that could have been his favorite part of the experience from the big lights to the big movie stars he simply said his favorite things about most of his projects are the table reads. Simply because it’s the first time the script gets explored with everyone in the same room working together. While most people would pick the glamour of it he picked the heart which in itself shows this young man’s future potential.

When I asked him about why he wanted to play Chuck and what drew him to the character he said it was their similarities. The way they both liked the same things and he felt as if the character was perfect for him and so he pursued getting an audition adamantly. Thanks to a friend of his he got the chance of a lifetime as well as thanks to the fans of the book that supported him through his journey. He was determined and he did it and that is true dedication to something.

Now when Blake isn’t starring in major motion pictures he’s a regular kid who enjoys being a boy scout and his dogs (which were also happily yipping in the background for a moment while we spoke) I am convinced this won’t be the last we see of this young man as he is dedicated and determined and speaking to him I see exactly why he was chosen to play Chuck and I see exactly why this won’t be the last major motion picture we see him in. Watch out Hollywood!


Check out Blake’s latest project from Amazon Studios Cocked soon! (Just make sure not to let the little ones watch it!) And follow him on twitter @followblakecoop !

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