In need of an upgrade – “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” Play Area

I recently wrote a few articles about the different play areas for kids in the theme parks.  I happily wrote about the Magic Kingdom’s Laughing Place and EPCOT’s water splash pads.  I loved discovering some of the secrets of the Boneyard Playground at the Animal Kingdom.  But, then I realized something – the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” movie set adventure hasn’t changed a bit since I was 10 years old – just a couple of years after the park opened as Disney-MGM Studios.

When I was 10, the movie was only a couple of years old (same as DHS – 1989) and I had seen the movie and was most likely looking forward to the sequel (the first sequel, “Honey, I Blew Up the Kids,” was released in 1992.  The playground was great.  I loved climbing on the bees, sliding down the 35mm rolls of film, and exploring the area from the perspective of an ant.  But, now, I’d place a bet that 95% or more of the kids entering DHS have never seen any of the movies.  And, probably the majority of them have no idea what 35 mm film is, or why their parents needed something like that when they could just take pictures and see them instantly on the camera’s viewer.

10 years ago, I would have said – turn it into a Bug’s Life playground.  The Pixar movie would have been perfect.  But, seeing that A Bug’s Life is no longer the main movie, I have another option – how about a Toy Story playground?  We could all be the size of Buzz and Woody, or Hamm and Bo Peep.  We could be on ground playing with them, trying to find our way to Pizza Planet, or at least to their delivery struck. Maybe my option isn’t the best, but I’m a recreational writer for Chip and Company and we have Imagineers to strike gold!

What are your suggestions for this, or other attractions, that need to be updated?

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2 thoughts on “In need of an upgrade – “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” Play Area

  1. Luckily, the rumor mill says they may actually be doing an update! If nothing else, it will be shut down for a few weeks for some fixes in September!

  2. Isn’t that what they have in Disneyland Paris? I still like the Honey I shrunk the kids playground but like anything it could use an update.

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