Is the Imagination Pavilion Closing?



Hey there kiddies it is I Anonymouse your friendly neighborhood Gossip Columnist.

WOW I have some big Disney Gossip for today. It seems there is a rumor going around the interwebs that Disney plans on closing down the Imagination Pavilion next year.

Reports say that Captain EO will be shut down for good meanwhile Journey to Imagination with Figment will be remodeled or some Phineas & Ferb type ride might take it’s place. Many different sites have bits and pieces right now but overall the general consensus is that something is going to be happening at the Imagination Pavilion very soon.

All these changes are supposed to occur sometime in January of 2014. As of right now on the Disney World Refurbishment Calendar there is nothing listed. So if you are going to Disney in the coming months I would ride Figment a few dozen times. Same goes with Captain EO.

As Chip gets the official word you can bet it will be on the Chip and Co site immediately.

Any who, that is all the Disney Gossip I have right now. For my past Gossip articles be sure to check them out here.

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