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    Matt Stringham

    I have Celiac disease and was very worried going to Disneyland. I found out while at the park that they have a list available at City Hall that outlines all the the gluten free foods in the park. The pizza was especially good.

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    Since my sons feeding tube had beed removed, he has been on a pureed/soft diet. We know from dining out at home that always fining something on the menu he can eat, can be a challenge. However, at Disney World, my sons menu options were endless!!!
    We reviewed all restraunt menus online before contacting Disney through Special Diets. We were emailed a special requests form to complete and we noted on there what he would likely eat and all other requests we had.
    When we arrived for our reservations, the chefs came out to let us know that they had our requests and asked about any changes we needed to make and minutes later his food would be right out!!!! Everything was so easy and my son was soooo happy to try so many new things! All eating establishments could learn a thing or two from Disney and make dietary requests possible no matter where you eat!!

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    All of the chefs at Disney made my son, who has multiple food allergies, wonderful meals. They all made sure that he got something that represented their specialties. They also made sure that his dessert matched or out did his sisters. For the first time in his life he felt included when we ate at a restaurant.

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    The first (and last) time we ate at Tony’s was 2003. It was truly the blandest Italian food I have ever tasted. The only way to resolve an issue like that is to talk directly to the restaurant manager at the time it happens. If that doesn’t work contact Disney by “snail mail” because those are difficult to ignore and can’t be accidentally deleted.

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    The Wave is excellent, we ate there for the first time this October. We will be going back.

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    I am allergic to grains. The chefs are pretty used to dealing with gluten free issues but add rice to the allergy list and more thinking is needed.

    I have had some amazing meals at sit down restaurants and know which quick service restaurants to eat at and what to order. I usually ask for the container of apple sauce or bag of apple slices for dessert at QS as I can’t have most of the other desserts.

    My best meal ever, The Wave!

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    Christie Struck

    I am allergic to garlic and onions…we tried going to Tony’s Town Square…(I know, I know…Italian! But it is the kids’ favorite food!) What a disaster! They came out and talked to me and then tried to make something for me without garlic and onions. Undercooked chicken (pink in the middle!), on top of pasta. Nothing else. No sauce, no butter, no taste, nothing! I squeezed the lemon slice from my water glass for at least some flavor. WORST. MEAL. AT. DISNEY. And we had to PAY for it. Argh. Made me want to avoid sit down restaurants all together. We almost canceled the California Grill because of it. (Glad we didn’t–had our BEST meal there.) But I will NEVER go to that restaurant again. Had perfectly wonderful meals the rest of the week at their quick service restaurants.

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