Hollywood Studios Debuts New Contactless Entry

Hollywood Studios gate

Always moving forward! Hollywood Studios is the latest theme park to dive into contactless security checkpoints at entrances. Joining other Walt Disney World locations that have already embraced the wave of the future, Epcot and Animal Kingdom, the park had workers install Evolv Express bag check scanners, which now replace the metal detectors that were previously in place.

These new scanners make security checks go faster and more efficiently, limiting crowding, which is essential as Walt Disney World works to minimize COVID risks. Those with smaller bags, as well as people who aren’t carrying large metal items, umbrellas, or aerosols in their bags, can simply walk through the scanners. This simplifies matters, especially compared to the old method of manually searching every bag that is brought on property!

The greatest part of the scanners remains the “contactless” part. Even larger bags that require an extra look can remain in the guest’s possession at all times. The security officer will simply ask for the person to put their bag on a table and push items aside so that they can see everything inside. Faster, less invasive, and much easier than the old way of doing things!

Evolv scanners are state of the art. They claim to be able to scan 60 people per minute for firearms or other threats. This makes it 10 times faster than any traditional method of checking. 


Experience the new contactless scanners on your next trip to Hollywood Studios, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom. Have you already seen them? What did you think?

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Allison Luna