Hilarious Belle Quarantine Video You Have to See!


“Little town, it’s a quiet village.” Those are the iconic words from “Belle,” the opening song in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” They sound all too real to us now as we sit at home, quietly self-quarantining, living what feels like small-town life. The creative mind of Sharon Luxenburg was the one to put the two separate ideas of “Beauty and the Beast” and COVID-19 isolation together. She, along with voice talents, created a whole new version of one of our favorite Disney songs, and this one has us rolling with laughter and tears.

As Belle, voiced by Miri Zhavi, wanders through the town, she is followed by the sounds of villagers chanting “Stay home!” instead of “Bonjour!” Sound familiar? A couple of women talk behind her about her lack of mask and gloves: “She’s gonna get us all infected, that is Belle!” Villagers sing about being in lockdown and staying 6 feet apart, while the librarian tells Belle she needs to be washing her hands. It’s all hilariously accurate for our current situation, so it’s comforting to see how Belle is dealing with Coronavirus.

While we hope to soon return to the original version of the song and put self-quarantining far behind us, this little tune is pretty fun to sing along to; one might even say it’s catchy. It’s nice to know that when the world is upside down, we can still be united by Disney and a good sense of humor.

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Allison Luna