Hamm’s Sweet ′N Tart Cookie At Hollywood Studios

 Hamm's Sweet ′N Tart Cookie At Hollywood Studios

Disney parks have been gearing up for Toy Story 4 with some fun new treats! The most recent one spotted is Hamm’s Sweet ′n Tart Cookie at Hollywood Studios.

This cookie is both as cute as it is angry. Very reminiscent of Evil Dr. Pork Chop from the movies itself!  It’s a nice surprise that this new snack is based on one of the classic Toy Story characters that we don’t see too often in the parks.

Of course, as many new snacks go this one is perfect for the gram.

The Hamm’s Sweet ′n Tart Cookie is a shortbread cookie that’s covered in a white chocolate ganache that’s pink in color. The cookie is then filled with a sour cherry filling and decorated with a fondant pig nose. As the name suggests, the white chocolate makes it very sweet but the sour cherry filling gives it a tart quality. This cookie was certainly more on the sweet side overall. There wasn’t a lot of the sour cherry filling, so the tart aspect of the cookie was subtle.

If you plan to get this snack, make sure to grab some napkins! In the Florida summer heat, the white chocolate ganache becomes soft quick!

The Hamm’s Sweet ′n Tart Cookie at Hollywood Studios can be found at the Trolley Car Cafe. To many, this cafe is simply known as the parks Starbucks location! The cookies are located in the grab n go cooler of the cafe. This tasty treat retails at $5.79 before tax and is eligible as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Thank you to @always_holliday for the photos!

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Melissa Welt