Don’t be that Guy – Top 5 Most Annoying Park Guests

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Everyone has the right to act a little crazy on their Disney vacation, after all you are paying to be there! In my travels however, I have found a few types of guests I can truly recommend you not to be.  I am providing you with this list not only for your reading pleasure, but as a public service announcement as well.

1. The modern-day princess – There is plenty of room at Disney for mini Cinderellas and Belles to strut their stuff, but adult women who feel it necessary to dress like Princess Kate are a bit out-of-place. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen ladies in dresses and skirts complete with high heels!!! Hey, I’m not knocking them for trying, but ladies listen up, those people staring at you are doing so out of pity not because you look good! Grab a pair of shorts and some broken in sneakers and thank me later. Oh and PS, you can go ahead and skip the perfume too.

2. The ride spoiler – Ok, we get it, you’ve been on Soarin before! There is no need to prove it by announcing what scene is next or telling how great the ending is or revealing where Hidden Mickey’s can be found. This behavior is just plain annoying and frankly ruins the magic for a lot of others. Let newbies be surprised about the drop on Splash and when Everest puts it in reverse!

3. The Stroller Soldier – These folks can’t seem to understand that a stroller is not a weapon of mass destruction! I cannot tell you how many skinned heels I’ve gotten by people running into me with strollers. I’ve also seen an elderly lady knocked over by a mom rushing to Fantasyland. Be careful with the strollers!

4. The Shutter Bug – Not only does this person cause major traffic back ups by stopping suddenly every few feet to snap a picture, but they also miss the real-time magic that is happening all around them! I know it is a sin to not got a great family photo in front of the castle, but remember to actually enjoy the little things that can easily e missed when you are searching for good angles and photo ops.

5. The yeller – I get it, kids misbehave, everyone is exhausted, your feet hurt, that Mickey Bar cost you an arm and leg, but try not to publicly yell at your family members! It ruins the magic for the passerby and it won’t make things better for you! I recall a woman scolding her child because she badly needed a cigarette before heading onto Kilimanjaro Safaris. That poor kid was so excited and instead got yelled at and had to wait with her mom while she inhaled a cigarette…ew.

So there you have it. Keep this stuff in mind for your next trip and I promise you things will be a little mor magical! What types of people have you encountered on your trips that others should avoid being?

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14 thoughts on “Don’t be that Guy – Top 5 Most Annoying Park Guests

  1. We always tried to be very careful with strollers and not running into people, but face it. If you wait until everyone has passed in front of you to try to inch your way forward, you’d stand in that spot half the day. Then there are the people who run out in front of you, then expect you to see them and stop in time. I know there are those who are rude and just run over people, but not all accidents are that way. It’s not easy making your way through a crowd and watching out for everyone with a stroller out in front of you. Nor is it particularly relaxing. Maybe we should be more aware of parents and their difficult spot.

    Not all culprits are children! I will never forget one year, being very much pregnant and with a toddler by the hand, and being mowed down by a senior citizen to get on the MK trolley to get the last seat.

    We are definitely shutter bugs, but try to be considerate. Looking back is part of the happy memories…not to mention that I have several photographers in my family, and that is part of the fun for them.

  2. I know that my wife and I have had dinner reservations, when we didn’t spend the day in the park, but came for fireworks and a nice evening, and we were very well dressed. It’s our happy time and we enjoy it. And may I add… some people should not be so casual in their attire while attending the parks… as in work jeans with oil stains, ripped tee shirts, and please take a shower… it gets hot in Florida!

  3. Um, there is nothing wrong with wanting to dress up a little in the parks. Take a look at what people wore to Disneyland in the 60s. Yes, sometimes people feel the need to overdo it, but really? How does someone wearing a dress and heels affect your trip? As a DLR AP holder, I go to Disneyland a lot…and I wear dresses EVERY SINGLE TIME. And I’m VERY comfortable, thank you very much.

  4. I am guilty of #4 although I really don’t care who is next to or behind my family while I’m taking a picture. As far as #5 goes, I don’t yell but I will reprimand my kids IF they get out of line. We usually take time every morning to go over the “rules” of the day with the kids and that seems to do the trick.

  5. The ones who got on my nerves are the people who can’t share the walk ways. Their group has to be six wide & owning the place.

  6. I don’t mind #1… if they want to be uncomfortable, so be it. They’re the ones that have to pay for it 😉
    I’m especially fine with them using perfume (conservatively). My addition to the list is the B.O. machine who DOESN’T where perfume/cologne/deodorant. On the carousal of progress, we literally kept getting rotated into a cloud of stench, every time the attraction moved. The people WAY on the other end of the aisle, apparently had not bathed, because the stench was strong with them. We would get brief relief when the rotation began, then you could smell it coming. It was honestly nauseating.

    I would definitely agree with the strollers. I don’t understand why some people can’t wait 2 seconds for the rest of my family (4 people) to finish walking by. Instead, they try to slam their stroller between me, and my daughter behind me, and clip the back of my ankles. AND, when I turn around, they give ME the death stare, as if it was my fault for letting my ankle get in the way.

    Here’s another addition, the people who let their kids push their strollers. The kid usually can’t see over the bar, and the parents are trailing 5 feet behind, while the kid rams everyone passing by.

    Finally, the example of #5, I agree with. On the flip side, I wish more parents would say something to their children. I get really tired of getting kicked by kids who think the dividing bars, for the lines, are jungle gyms. Tell your kid to stop flipping on it. I understand, kids will misbehave, but to watch them continually do it, and say nothing, is inexcusable.

  7. I think you misunderstood her point; there is nothing wrong with taking pics, just be considerate of the people around you. The pic doesn’t HAVE to be taken in the middle of the main walkway. Take a step to the side, out of the flow of traffic, and take the pic. There’s usually plenty of space for it.

  8. For some people, being the shutterbug is part of their magic. As long as they aren’t holding up people behind them or asking you to get out of their shot, i have no problem with them and their love of recording their memories. I often ask families if i can take their photo so they can all be in one together. This one will have to fall under, “to each his own” for me.

  9. Can we please add an honorable mention to the people who take pictures on the rides that clearly say not flash photography? Seems that jsut about each time I go, someone will be flashing away on Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Small World, Peter Pan’s flight… you get the idea.

  10. I could tolerate all of the above if we could get rid of #5 forever. These people absolutely do not belong at WDW…and I feel so awful for their kids. They live with that crap every day.

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