Guest Sues Disneyland Paris After Being Burned by Chef

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Unfortunately, when Erica Osbourne ordered a creme burlee at the Newport Bay Resort Restaurant in Disneyland Paris, she received a lot more than she bargained for. Osbourne was burned by a fireball during the  preparation of the dessert after it nearly missing her 10-year old daughter, Abigail.

Here is Osbourne’s account of the incident:

“I had ordered the crème brûlée and Abigail had gone to get an ice cream when the chef lit the sugar and a massive fireball came across the counter towards me. I was so terrified that I froze to the spot but I remember an intense heat on my face. Abigail told me later that I was screaming ‘help me! I’m on fire’. My jumper and my face were on fire.

Osbourne said another diner and the chef, “bundled me to the ground and rolled me around to put out the flames.”

As you can see from these photos, Osbourne has lost a section of her hair and eyebrows. She also suffered second degree burns and scarring. She received medical attention at the scene of the accident and was later transported to the hospital.

Osbourne said that she was told by a Cast Member at the restaurant that, “This is no different than falling off a bike.”

Disneyland Paris released the following statement regarding the accident: “Incidents of this type are extremely rare. As this is an ongoing legal issue which is in the process of being resolved, it would be inappropriate to discuss this further at this time.”

Credit: BBC

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