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    A Concerned Citizen

    Please consider removing this article. Not only does it ruin character integrity, but it also exposes the performer, and compromises her job and safety.

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    None of your Business

    I hope that you’re proud of yourselves. You’re going to help destory the Disney magic and ruin character integrity. This information should have never gone viral and now you’re helping the situation grow in size and get worse. I have already connected with a few other blogs and they have agreed to take this information down. This woman is an amazing, beautiful and talented human being. And all because you all as guest want to pat yourself on the back for making magic for a CM this is become a huge thing. The kind soul because of the blogs and the information going viral has to worry if at the end of it all if she will have a job or not. So definately go ahead and pat yourself on your back you’re helping a kind woman possibly lose her job, destorying the magic and breaking character integrity. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

    A very angry former entertainment CM

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