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  1. 21

    Mrs. Martinez

    Nice giveaway. Actually found you through a pic that said park would be close?

  2. 20

    Michelle Cain

    Great gift- Yes please I do need this

  3. 19

    Rita Charleen Pope-Chmela

    Would love to go to this!

  4. 18


    Would love the opportunity to attend!

  5. 17


    Would love to go!

  6. 16

    Jennifer DiMaria

    I would love this and i live next to Give kids the world! 🙏🏻💗

  7. 15

    Lindsay Cascone

    🤞🏼🤞🏼 This would be fun!

  8. 14


    What a great idea. What a cool opportunity too.

  9. 13

    Jaime Murrow

    We would love to win this! My son is a wish kiddo and GKTW is an amazing organization near to our heart!

  10. 12

    Jennifer Loria

    This would be right before my first RunDisney event!

  11. 11

    Kerri marsh

    Thank you

  12. 10


    My wife would love to attend this

  13. 9


    Great opportunity

  14. 8

    Just me

    Awesome apportunity!

  15. 7

    Marianne Rowan

    Would love to attend. This is a great non-profit organization. My husband is an engineer we are Disney fanatics and he reads and watches everything Disney especially in the “making” of attractions etc.

  16. 6

    Shannon McCarthy

    What an amazing opportunity!

  17. 5


    This is so cool!

  18. 3

    Jennifer Harvey

    👍🏻 Great organization

  19. 2


    Nice!!! Good luck!!

  20. 1


    Please this would be Great!!!

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