Gaston’s Tavern getting new cupcake when they reopen

Gaston’s Tavern cupcake

No one makes cupcakes like Gaston!

The Magic Kingdom theme park is gaining more snack and quick-service options for guests this month. For starters, Gaston’s Tavern reopens on September 4th. Gaston’s Tavern is located in the back of Fantasyland. They offer several great snack items, but now a new item is joining their menu: The Master’s Cupcake.

The Master’s Cupcake is a chocolate sponge cake topped with Lumiere’s “Grey Stuff.” The special cupcake once belonged exclusively to Fantasyland’s “Be Our Guest” restaurant, so it’s a first for being available at a quick service location. It’s a phenomenal Disney cupcake and theme park guests will appreciate the ease of getting it without a dining reservation.

There’s more to see and experience at this quick service location. Gason’s Tavern is also known for its Warm Cinnamon Rolls and Chocolate Croissants. Both are great snacks! Be sure to look around and you’ll see how the Disney Villain uses antlers in all of his interior decorating, too! It’s a great place for Beauty and the Beast fans to visit at Magic Kingdom.

Go check out Gaston’s Tavern on your next visit to Magic Kingdom! Let us know if you try the Master’s Cupcake or one of their other delicious treats!

Source: Disney

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Kevin Koszola