Gary Sinise Foundation to Launch Chapter in Central Florida

Gary Sinise

On Tuesday, the Gary Sinise Foundation served meals to firefighters in Orlando, FL. The meal was not just a meal, but also marked a milestone for the Foundation, as they are preparing to open their very first chapter in Central Florida.

Karen Connors, who will serve as the Central Florida Chapter President told reporters that “the challenge is that not everybody knows what they offer, and in order to expand the brand and expand the reach into the community, they decided to start chapters and the very first chapter is here in Central Florida.”

The Gary Sinise Foundation is known for supporting veterans, members of the military, and their families. They are well known for their key program that brings family members of fallen military members to Walt Disney World. The foundation also formed an emergency service to combat COVID-19. Connors explained, “When COVID-19 hit in March, we pivoted our program and decided to serve our first responders.” The foundation has currently raised over $1 million and has served 55,000 meals to first responders.

Orlando’s fire chief, Chief Barksdale, said the Tuesday meal came at a good time, and that many of his firefighters were recovering from COVID-19. He explained that at one time, they had over 105 firefighters who were positive and another 125 quarantined. That number has drastically been reduced to only three or four out and he hopes to have them back this week.

The Gary Sinise Foundation’s new Central Florida Chapter will launch on social media Saturday at 7 pm.

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