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  1. 8


    Why do we keep kowtowing to the few. If they are too lazy to read the words RIGHT below the title then that is their loss. Thank you Disney to bowing down to stupidity.

  2. 7


    Why would they do this. That is part of the experience. I want Star Wars themed food.

  3. 6


    Ridiculous… the theme is charm of it why people want to go.. just another example of special things that keep getting taken away. Magic is getting lost

  4. 5

    Emily McCoulskey

    That’s so stupid. This is a theme area it should have everything for the theme.

  5. 4


    They need to bring the names back. Majority of people love the names. That is how it should have stayed.

  6. 3


    Lol people are completely insane. The theming was great!

  7. 2


    I thought the names were awesome. You just had to read the description to know what you were being served.

  8. 1


    This is so disappointing, why do they have to water down the theming because a vocal few can’t be bothered to read the menu.

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