A “Frozen” Ride Might be a Reality at Walt Disney World

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Hiya! I have some BIG “Frozen” gossip for you!! You know you missed me, just admit it? I missed all of you too. Well, all except Chippy of course.

Let’s get down to business. I know we have a lot of “Frozen” fans out there. There has been a lot of speculation about a “Frozen” ride replacing the Maelstrom ride in Norway at Epcot. Well I have it on very good authority that this is becoming a reality. A little birdie told me that some Imagineers have been riding the Maelstrom ride a lot lately, don’t they have the best job? They were torn between just adding some “Frozen” elements to the ride or a full on “Frozen” overhaul. I am so happy to report that they have chosen a total “Frozen” overhaul!!! The only thing that will remain is the ride train.

This has been happening behind the scenes for quite sometime now.

How do you feel about having a Frozen Winter Wonderland? I think it’s awesome and I can’t wait!!

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10 thoughts on “A “Frozen” Ride Might be a Reality at Walt Disney World

  1. Keep Maelstrom so we can experience what EPCOT is suppose to be – experiencing different countries. The only problem I have with Maelstrom is that the ride is so dark. .

    Why not have a Frozen ride in addition to Maelstrom?

  2. Why I am not surprised by the decision, I think the top brass at Disney are thinking dollars instead of the true meaning of what EPCOT is for. What needs to happen at Maelstrom in Norway is the same thing that needed to occur at the original Journey Into Imagination attraction…it needs an update. I was working at Imagination when the attraction closed for the first rehab. There was not a dry eye on the train I was on as we wound through the many rooms and expertly created designs of the original, plus Dreamfinder and Figment. Everyone agreed that what was need was to bring Dreamfinder and Figment into the 21st century. That is what needs to be done with Maelstrom, in my opinion.
    This is nothing against “Frozen,” which I still have yet to see. I have a feeling it will be an enjoyable attraction. But the international aspect of the World Showcase country that it represents needs to be maintained, as well.

  3. I agree with everyone (except for the fact that my family and I love the changes they made to the Living Seas to include Nemo…). My first thought was that I love experiencing a little taste of Norway when I visit Norway in World Showcase and ride Maelstrom. (and the gnomes are fun – LOL!) It’s one of my favorite places in World Showcase. The wonderful thing about World Showcase is that many of us who may never get to experience those actual countries can get a little taste of their culture. We LOVE the movie Frozen and we LOVE Olaf! But to replace Maelstrom?…and change the flavor of the Norway pavilion? It’s not appropriate. There’s PLENTY of space around WDW to build a new Frozen ride!

  4. Since EPCOT has so much land why not do both…leave the maelstrom and build a frozen ride, since EPCOT needs a little update this would be a no brainer…there is no need to take down the history of the Norwegian folk lore (nomes) to add a story like Frozen…it would be in the best interest of Disney to ADD a completely NEW ride!!! Come on Disney use your imagination!!!

  5. I agree with not changing Malestorm, World Showcase should be left to showing the different cultures with rides that deal with the country it’s in.

    But Disney does need to do something to make EPCOT more appealing to the younger children. I’ve taken my children and now grandchildren there and we usually leave and find something more ‘interesting’ for them to do. Change the Ellen ride to something more youth related.

    Put frozen in either the Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios

  6. I agree with the above. Although a Frozen ride sounds great, why on earth are they: a) replacing a classic ride and b) putting it in the world showcase? Stop replacing rides with new movies crap. I agree with Kevin that the Living Seas turning into Nemo was downright horrible and now Malestrom into Frozen. Disney needs some new Imagineers

  7. This makes me extremely sad. Maelstrom is one of my favorite rides. I don’t get the hype over Frozen. The movie was okay, a ride might be okay, but it has NO place in the World Showcase.

  8. This is so not Raven. I liked Frozen as much as the next guy, but Maelstrom is a classic. The great throwback attractions at Epcot are dwindling as it is!

  9. I’m torn by this news. My entire family loved Frozen and it would be very nice to see a ride at Walt Disney World, specifically in Magic Kingdom which is where I think it belongs. A fictional story-themed ride doesn’t match the themes of the World Showcase so, for me, there’s no continuity to it. If something Frozen must be added to EPCOT, how about a new 3D Olaf movie for the Imagination pavilion? Then do some decoration changes around the jumping water zone to give it a look geared towards the movie. I’d whole-heartedly accept that. But I just don’t think it’ll fit in anywhere in the World Showcase.

  10. This will be the worst thing to happy to Epcot since replacing the original Journey into Imagination. Frozen is a fine movie, but replacing original rides, with movie based crap is beyond stupid and fails every time. Think about the horrible Nemo and Little Mermaid rides that retell a story we already saw. Nobody will even go on those rides anymore because they are so bad. Are imagineers that lacking in terms of creativity? What happened to imagineering an original concept for a ride. And why would they replace Maelstrom, it is not like it is grossly lacking for attendance? Wait times for Maelstrom are consistently moderate.

    I feel that being in favor of this decision removes any credibility towards being a source for Disney Parks information. This is another Bob Iger piece of crap Seas with Nemo and Friends, Ariel Grotto, New Fantasyland, non-sustainable Parks addition. There are longterm classic rides like Haunted Mansion and Pirates that are so good because true imagineers sat down and came up with new stories. Now they sit there and say, X movie grosses X amount of dollars…let’s replace a popular, original, though provoking ride with a retelling of a movie everyone saw. The result is Seas with Nemo and Friends which is one of the worst disasters in the history of rides. I guarantee if they truly replace a classic like Maelstrom with a Frozen ride, similar results will follow. Truly saddening…

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