“Frozen” Forces Walt Disney World to Change ‘Rope Drop’ Procedure


Well, it’s no secret that Disney’s blockbuster animated film ‘Frozen’ is one of the most popular Disney movies of all time. The runaway success of the film is now surging theme park spending and strengthening merchandise sales. “Passion for these characters and for the film is so extraordinary.” says Walt Disney CEO and Chairman Bob Iger.

Even considering their unprecedented popularity, no one could have predicted the impact it made when the new Anna & Elsa Meet & Greet location was revealed in Disney Parks. Since then, the park attendance has increased, resorts have higher occupancy, shops have made record sales and all due to the “Frozen” craze sweeping the nation. “Who knew, right?”

The new Meet and Greet averages a wait time of over 200 minutes each day, even considering the new FastPass+ option. Every morning promptly after the Rope Drop Ceremony, Disney guests run frantically to Fantasyland as they cut through shops and sprint by strollers in order to be the first in line to see the popular princesses in person at the Princess Fairytale Hall.

In Disney’s desperate efforts to minimize the insanity, shops have now put a limit on “Frozen” merchandise. You are allowed only five identical items per person. Although Disney may limit items available for purchase, this doesn’t hold guests back from racing to be first in line. So with safety in mind guests are now forced to walk slowly along Main Street U.S.A. behind a rope led by Cast Members. Meaning, you can no longer dash your way back to Fantasyland in hopes to be first in line.

It’s obvious that a “Frozen” phenomenon has swept the globe. With summer in full force we’re curious what impact this will make on wait-times? I guess we’ll finally see what ‘Frozen things do in summer’. Are you planning to brave the rope drop or are you playing the 200 minute waiting game this year?

Contributed by Britt Chico

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13 thoughts on ““Frozen” Forces Walt Disney World to Change ‘Rope Drop’ Procedure

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  2. Thanks Sammy, I hope, as an adult with no children coming, to move the line right along! With Norwegian blood, I feel connected and must have a photo with them!

  3. When we went in early May the FP people literally just walked right back. We waited about 15 minutes in the actual room the sisters are in. You really shouldn’t have to wait too long. Also, Anna and Elsa spend a lot of time with each child. This is probably one of the many reasons the wait is so long. They give a true character experience.

  4. Luckily we went in early May and checked like a mad man the FP option everyday leading up to our trip. We managed to get two FP tickets that were thirty minutes apart (one ended at 12:30 and the other started at 1:00. The cast members were awesome and let us go in together despite the time gap. My husband couldn’t go through, but at least our daughter got to meet Anna and Elsa without waiting 5 hours. That was the wait time, literally, five hours. Had this not worked, we would have been the sprinters, lol.

  5. I find this a VERY bad idea. They did this so nobody would trample each other right? RIGHT! Well we just went about a week ago, IT WAS HORRID. We were there first thing 7:00 at MK First in line, by the time we got to the Mine Train we were in the middle and the wait was over an hour. When you get behind that rope HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE WITH YOUR PARTNER.

  6. A friend that just came back had a breakfast reservation for Cinderella’s Royal Table before the park opened and timed it so she could get 5th in line for Fairytale Hall. I think she was able to slip out to the front of the cast member blockade.

  7. What happens with the people that have prepark opening ADRs.. We have a 8am crystal palace on a 9am opening morning. Do we have to stay at the restaurant until 9 or can we meander back there when we are finished?

  8. I will try for a FP+ but if we can’t get it, it can wait til our next trip 🙂 My vacation time is far too precious to spend 3-4 hours of it waiting in a line.

  9. I have a fast pass to see them on 7/1, I’m sure there will still be a wait time, even then!

  10. We will be enjoying shorter ride times while others are waiting on the Meet and Greet line! Thank you!

  11. Good morning! We were hoping to head to Fantasyland first thing to do the rides, not Meet & Greet. So, we have to be part of that line, too? Any recommendations on when we should get to the park then? Thanks!

  12. So funny that everyone talks about this as if it’s some sort of wild new thing Disney is trying. I can remember when this was standard procedure for EVERY Disney park. CMs would wait at the entrances to each land with a rope and then walk guests back to Space Mountain, or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and even World Showcase had a rope where you had to wait unless you could show reservations for breakfast. Too many people were stampeding to the big mountains in the MK, or were trying to sneak into the World Showcase early to get ready for shows or what-have-you.

  13. So glad we were at WDW the week before the movie came out & we waited less than 30 minutes to see them. Which is about 15 minutes longer than I will usually wait for characters, but we were with my brother’s family & they always wait to see characters. I also ordered the Anna dress the day we got back, so we were able to get one with no struggles.

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