Freeform Channel Announces October Movie and TV Lineup

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Freeform Channel Announces October Movie and TV Lineup

We previously brought you the fun news that the Freeform channel had announced its “13 Nights of Halloween” lineup for this year. Freeform has also announced additional programming arriving this month which includes the Freeform premieres of “Into the Woods,” starring Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and Chris Pine; 2012 comedy “Fun Size,” starring Victoria Justice; David Spade-starrer “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star,” and much more. Freeform is also adding episodes of hit sitcoms “Gilmore Girls,” “The Mindy Project,” “Last Man Standing” and “Reba,” plus all seasons of “Chasing Life” return to the Freeform app on October 27. Check out the full  listing below!


“17 Again” (beginning October 7)

“A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits” (beginning October 13)

“The Addams Family” (beginning October 22)

“Addams Family Values” (beginning October 22)

“Another Cinderella Story” (beginning October 13)

“Bewitched” (beginning October 6)

“Boxtrolls” (beginning October 2)

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“The Break-Up” (beginning October 6)

“Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” (beginning October 23)

“Dark Shadows” (beginning October 24)

“Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star” (beginning October 6)

“The Duff” (beginning October 8)

“The Final Girls” (beginning October 6)

“Flintstones” (beginning October 3)

“Flintstones: Viva Las Vegas” (beginning October 4)

“Forrest Gump” (beginning October 1)

“Frankenweenie” (beginning October 24)

“Fun Size” (beginning October 6)

“Gilmore Girls”

  • Available October 6

“To Whom It May Concern’’ (S7, E12)

“I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia” (S7, E13)

“Farewell, My Pet” (S7, E14)

“I’m a Kayak, Hear Me Roar” (S7, E15)

“Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore” (S7, E16)

  • Available October 20

“Gilmore Girls Only” (S7, E17)

“Hay Bale Maze” (S7, E18)

“It’s Just Like Riding a Bike” (S7, E19)

“Lorelai? Lorelai?” (S7, E20)

“Unto the Breach” (S7, E21)

“Haunted Mansion” (beginning October 19)

“Hocus Pocus” (beginning October 19)

“Hook” (beginning October 6)

“Last Man Standing”

  • Available October 2

“Vanessa Fixes Kyle” (S3, E8)

“Thanksgiving” (S3, E9)

“Spanking” (S3, E10)

“Elfie” (S3, E11)

“All About Eve” (S3, E12)

“Breaking Boyd” (S3, E13)

“Renaming Boyd’s School” (S3, E14)

“Tasers” (S3, E15)

“Stud Muffin” (S3, E16)

“Eve’s Boyfriend” (S3, E17)

  • Available October 16

“Project Mandy” (S3, E18)

“Hard-Ass Teacher” (S3, E19)

“Parenting Bud” (S3, E20)

“April, Come She Will” (S3, E21)

“Mutton Busting” (S3, E22)

“Here’s the Kicker” (S4, E1)

“War Games” (S4, E2)

“Rediscover America” (S4, E3)

“Sinkhole” (S4, E4)

“School Merger” (S4, E5)

  • Available October 30

“Mike Advises Mandy” (S4, E6)

“Big Shots” (S4, E7)

“Risky Behavior” (S4, E8)

“Changing Light Bulbs” (S4, E9)

“Outdoor Man Grill” (S4, E10)

“Wedding Planning” (S4, E11)

“Helen Potts” (S4, E12)

“Mike Hires Chuck” (S4, E13)

“Eve’s Breakup” (S4, E14)

“Big Brother” (S4, E15)

“Life As We Know It” (beginning October 7)

“Little Giants” (beginning October 2)

“Men in Black” (beginning October 6)

“The Middle”

  • Available October 6

“Forced Family Fun: Part 1” (S3, E1)

“Forced Family Fun: Part 2” (S3, E2)

“Hecking Order” (S3, E3)

“Major Changes” (S3, E4)

“The Test” (S3, E5)

“Bad Choices” (S3, E6)

“Halloween II” (S3, E7)

“Heck’s Best Thing” (S3, E8)

“The Play” (S3, E9)

“Thanksgiving III” (S3, E10)

  • Available October 20

“A Christmas Gift” (S3, E11)

“Year of the Hecks” (S3, E12)

“The Map” (S3, E13)

“Hecking It Up” (S3, E14)

“Valentine’s Day III” (S3, E15)

“The Concert” (S3, E16)

“The Sit Down” (S3, E17)

“Leap Year” (S3, E18)

“The Paper Route” (S3, E19)

“Get Your Business Done” (S3, E20)

“The Mindy Project”

  • Available October 6

“Magic Morgan” (S2, E4)

“Wiener Night” (S2, E5)

“Bro Club for Dudes” (S2, E6)

“Sk8er Man” (S2, E7)

“You’ve Got Sext” (S2, E8)

  • Available October 20

“Mindy Lahiri Is a Racist” (S2, E9)

“Wedding Crushers” (S2, E10)

“Christmas Party Sex Trap” (S2, E11)

“Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer” (S2, E12)

“L.A.” (S2, E13)

“Nanny McPhee” (beginning October 14)

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” (beginning October 24)

“ParaNorman” (beginning October 19)

“Push” (beginning October 6)


  • Available October 2

“A Mid-Semester’s Night Dream” (S1, E12)

“Brock’s Swan Song” (S1, E13)

“The Story of a Divorce” (S1, E14)

“You May Kick the Bride” (S1, E15)

“Vanny Dearest” (S1, E16)

“He’s Having a Baby” (S1, E17)

“She Works Hard for Their Money” (S1, E18)

“Labor of Love” (S1, E19)

“The King and I” (S1, E20)

“Up a Treehouse with a Paddle” (S1, E21)

  • Available October 16

“It Ain’t Over Till the Redhead Sings” (S1, E22)

“House Rules” (S2, E1)

“Skating Away” (S2, E2)

“Proud Reba” (S2, E3)

“Reba Works for Brock” (S2, E4)

“It’s Jake’s Party, Cry If You Want To” (S2, E5)

“Safe Dating” (S2, E6)

“Mommy Nearest” (S2, E7)

“Switch” (S2, E8)

“Ring-a-Ding (Part 1)” (S2, E9)

  • Available October 30

“Ring-a-Ding (Part 2)” (S2, E10)

“Cookies for Santa” (S2, E11)

“A Moment in Time” (S2, E12)

“The Vasectomy” (S2, E13)

“The Rings” (S2, E14)

“Seeing Red” (S2, E15)

“Terry Holliway” (S2, E16)

“Valentine’s Day” (S2, E17)

“The Feud” (S2, E18)

“And the Grammy Goes To…” (S2, E19)

“Remember Me” (beginning October 13)

“R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls” (beginning October 27)

“Sleepy Hollow” (beginning October 22)

“The Smurfs” (beginning October 13)

“Spooky Buddies” (beginning October 19)

“Teen Witch” (beginning October 25)

“Three Musketeers” (beginning October 13)

“Zookeeper” (beginning October 13)


New Movie Premieres Available on Linear:

October 4 – “Fun Size” (12:00 – 2:00 a.m. EDT)

October 5 – “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star” (12:00 – 2:00 a.m. EDT)

October 6 – “Into the Woods” (8:00 – 11:00 p.m. EDT)

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Freeform Channel Announces October Movie and TV Lineup

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Freeform Channel Announces October Movie and TV Lineup

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Freeform Channel Announces October Movie and TV Lineup Freeform Channel Announces October Movie and TV Lineup Freeform Channel Announces October Movie and TV Lineup Freeform Channel Announces October Movie and TV Lineup Freeform Channel Announces October Movie and TV Lineup Freeform Channel Announces October Movie and TV Lineup
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