Four-Year-Old Airlifted from Disney Cruise

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There’s been more trouble in Disney’s pools this week. However, this time was on a Disney Cruise Line ship instead of Disney World. A four-year-old boy was pulled out of one of the pools on a Disney Cruise Line ship and airlifted to a hospital.

The boy’s family was planning to sail on Disney Cruise Line’s Fantasy ship for a seven-day Western Caribbean cruise. The family had just boarded the ship in Port Canaveral, Florida and decided to head straight one of the ship’s three pools. According to officials, Brevard County and Disney rescue workers responded to the ship around 3:30 p.m. for a potential drowning at the family pool. Port Canaveral police reported that they found the boy “in distress” when they arrived. The boy was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Port Canaveral and then airlifted by medical helicopter to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida.

Witnesses reported that the child’s parents were not in the pool with him at the time of the incident, but rushed over when emergency workers began working on him. “We’re focused on assisting the family,” Disney spokeswoman Rena Langley said. “Clearly, our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.” The Disney Cruise Line pools do not staff lifeguards as is marked by signs around the pool.

Did you see the article just last month where a thirteen-year-old boy drowned in one of the pools at the Disney World Resort’s Pop Century Resort. Although the pools have lifeguards on duty from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., the boy was swimming after hours with his family. You can read the full article here.

Everyone here at Chip & Co. offers our condolences and prayers to both of these families during this difficult time.

Do you think Disney should have lifeguards at all of their pools at all hours? Do you think this would make it safer for families?

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6 thoughts on “Four-Year-Old Airlifted from Disney Cruise

  1. As a former lifeguard NEVER leave young children or poor swimmers unattended. Guards have to watch the whole pool not just your child. As far as staffed hours I feel 8 pm is fine. They usually start the movies around then and yes it is a vacation but as a parent sometimes we feel entitled to a babysitter on vacation instead of taking time to be a parent. No one will ever watch your child as closely as you. We often use the pools after hours and are careful to watch our child even though he is a strong swimmer. I think tired guards ( those working in the sun all day and then extended hrs past 8 pm ) would be more of a liability than an asset.

  2. I have to agree that the responsibility is with the parents. The parents of the boy on the Fantasy were not in the pool with him and according to the article did not even know there was a problem until emergency workers started working on him. He is four! Children should not be left alone at age 4, least of all left to swim alone. I feel very badly for these parents but common sense should prevail.

    It is very sad that a child drowned at a pool in WDW, but I do not think it is necessary for Disney to provide lifeguards at their pools at all hours. It is really great to swim after hours at a Disney pool when you return from a long hot day at the park and want to relax and cool off. Due diligence is needed on the part of the parents.
    Unfortunately when you are in the happiest place in the world you don’t think anything bad can happen, but you really have to be careful wherever you are. My thoughts and prayers are with both families.

  3. While I agree that it is ultimately the responsibility of a parent or guardian, I would like to see that Disney extend their lifeguard hours. 8 pm is just too early. They should be there until at least 11pm. This is a vacation. Most people spend time in the parks all day and then go to the pools after.

  4. Very very sad. I can’t imagine what the family must be going through and my prayers go out to them and the child. That being said… pools are not safe for unsupervised children. We don’t even let the kids get into any pool, unless we are in the water with them. It only takes one second for someone to slip, get pulled down, bump a head… I may be a little over protective. But even my children who can swim well, have become fatigued before reaching the side of the pool. Not worth the risk.

  5. I have to say I don’t believe this is Disney’s fault, all their pools are very clear about no lifeguards after certain hours or not at all at the resorts and around the pools. And I do have to agree, why was a 4 year old in a pool without a parent? That’s just asking for trouble! My thoughts and prayers go out to these families, but ultimately, there is no fault on Disney for either case.

  6. While I feel terrible for the families, I have to say that the responsibility lies on the parents. Disney should not be at fault! I’ve never been on a cruise, do the other cruise lines employ lifeguards? If it is a normal practice, I’m sure it would help to have them especially since there are many more children on the Disney Cruises. However, that does not take away from the fact that people need to keep an eye on their children! Sorry for being harsh but I see too many children running around unsupervised these days; around a pool is an absolute necessity!

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