Florida Governor to lift restrictions on restaurant capacity

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he’ll be lifting capacity restrictions on restaurants soon. He also wants to prevent any local government from closing restaurants.

“I don’t think that the closure of restaurants has been particularly effective,” DeSantis said Thursday. “They’re not going to be able to be closed by locals anymore, and they’ll be able to operate at the capacity that they’re comfortable with.”

The current state guidelines allow restaurants to operate at 50% capacity. No changes have been made to those guidelines yet, though DeSantis says it’ll happen soon.

The governor’s statement came during a video conference discussion with three scientists and doctors. The discussion focused on policies that could be tailored to protecting the elderly, who are more at risk of dying from COVID-19, while allowing the younger population to proceed as normal.

We don’t know if this will bring any changes to Disney World restaurant capacity. It sounds like the governor will leave it up to businesses to decide what capacity is best for them. We will update as more information is released.


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