First Look at the new Experiences coming to Tokyo Disneyland Before Opening

Tokyo Disneyland

The latest expansion for Tokyo Disneyland is set to debut on September 28, 2020. New entertainment features can be found in Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Toontown. The Tokyo Disneyland redesign includes exciting rides and shops, so you’ll want to check out these fun park additions!

The most noteworthy addition is the New Fantasyland. It contains an area fully devoted to Beauty and the Beast! Seeing the Beast’s Castle is awe-inspiring while navigating through the land. The new “Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast” ride is the crown jewel of Tokyo’s Fantasyland. Fans are able to climb aboard “enchanted dishes” and break the spell at Beast’s Castle in the new attraction. If you love the music of Beauty and the Beast, then you’ll want to see this ride-through experience.

Next, you’ll want to see the new Baymax attraction in Tomorrowland. “The Happy Ride with Baymax” takes guests on a musical whip ride that swings you around in loops. It’s a fitting tribute to the pleasant  demeanor of the popular healthcare companion from Big Hero 6!

Finally, guests will discover Minnie’s Style Studio over in Toontown. Besides seeing Minnie Mouse for photos, you can explore her fashionable creations within her toon work studio!

We’re sure Tokyo Disneyland will amaze it’s guests with the grand opening of these attractions!

Photo Credit: Disney

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Kevin Koszola