“Finding Nemo” Blu-Ray Review

Finding Nemo 3 Disc Collector's Edition

On December 4, 2012 prepare to experience “Finding Nemo” all over again as it will be released for the first time on Blu-Ray™. I recently had the opportunity to review the 3-Disc Combo Pack and I can honestly  say that it is definitely a “sea”-worthy adventure.

Having owned a Blu-Ray™ player for sometime now, I was skeptical at how different it could be from the original DVD. But fear no more because  I am happy to say that “Finding Nemo” is brilliantly adapted to Blu-Ray™. The colors and definition are awe-inspiring. The quality is beautiful. My kids were completely engrossed in the film; I have never seen them so still and zoned in on a movie before.

The bonus features are jam-packed and interesting to watch. Knick Knack, a theatrical short, is included and even though I have seen it many times before-it still makes me chuckle. It also includes: Aquarium-which is much like an animated wallpaper for your television. Aquarium features the opening of “Finding Nemo” with Nemo’s home and the anenome. When this feature came on-screen, my children thought the movie was going to start again as it looks identical to the title screen.

I especially enjoyed Finding Nemo: A Filmmaker’s Discussion where I learned about the production of the movie, although my kids lost attention here. Overall, I would say that the bonus content, aside from the short, is more geared towards adults but enjoyable non the less.

What can I say? This movie has never disappointed and certainly does not now that it is on Blu-Ray™. It is most definitely 10x better. With magnificant picture quality and great bonus features-I predict “Finding Nemo” will be tucked under everyone’s tree this holiday season.

Here are some fun video clips from Finding Nemo!

Finding Nemo is out now. It would make an excellent stocking stuffer for the Disney Fan!

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