Finding Nemo and Dory Tumblers for Pixar Fest

Finding Nemo and Dory Tumblers

The Pixar Fest exclusive food, and merchandise items seriously just keep getting better and better! Over at the Disneyland Theme Park you can also find Finding Nemo and Dory Tumblers that come with beverages! You can get the Dory or Nemo light-up cups for $14.99 each with a fountain beverage, or $15.99 each with a frozen beverage.

Both cups light up blue when you push the button at the top of the lid, and the body of the cup is bubbled, to look like they are swimming through the ocean!

Little Nemo won’t be lost again as long as he’s with you! He bubbles along on a clear stand while you sip your delicious drink.

Dory will always remember where you are with this fun tumbler cup. She’s bobbing along on a clear pedestal, with a touch of pink coral.

These cups are in the same style as the very popular Green Alien Light-Up mug. Who else wants an entire collection of light-up Pixar character cups now?

You can find these Finding Nemo and Dory Tumblers at Fantasyland in Disneyland!

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