Farewell, Mickey’s Toontown Fair

As of this Friday, February 11th, Mickey’s Toontown Fair will officially be closed for business.  While Toontown originally opened as Mickey’s Birthdayland in 1988, celebrating the 60th birthday of our favorite mouse, it was renamed Mickey’s Starland first, then switched to Toontown as we know it in 1996.

Yet, now, after 15 years, Mickey’s Toontown Fair is now another part of Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland Expansion.

We know the Barnstormer will be renamed The Great Goofini, but essentially, the ride will still be the same.  Everything else, however, is history.

Mickey and Minnie’s Country Houses are now a thing of the past.  Their adorable country homes, including Minnie’s “working” microwave, painting room, and flower pots are gone.  Mickey’s mouse checkers, Pluto’s dog bed, and Mouse-eared antenna tv will all be gone, probably stored in the Utilidors somewhere underneath the Magic Kingdom, along with other pieces of Disney past.

I think Mickey’s Toontown Fair may have been one of the most overlooked places in the Magic Kingdom, which is truly a shame.  The details never cease to amaze me.  For example, in Mickey’s house, his front table had a stack of mail, letters to him addressed from Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Ariel. There are several books between the two houses, all with great reads, including Famous Mice in History at Minnie’s house.  Almost anything you can think of is mouse-shaped, from mailboxes to mirrors, keys to ping pong paddles.

Mickey’s Toontown Fair was a gem of Imagineering creativity and will truly be missed.

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